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Alberto Fujimori, the president who resigned by fax in November 2000 and was sentenced to 25 years in jail for crimes towards human rights, continues his battle to reposition himself on the political board. It is not nearly his foray into social networks, the place via a number of movies he seeks to lift his picture, however he additionally intends to obtain a collection of advantages for his standing as former head of state.

The Latina Television Investigation Unit discovered that on January 26, a month and a half after being launched from jail by a call of the Constitutional Court, the patriarch of the Fujimori despatched a letter to Congress, requesting the hiring of a private assistant named Óscar Demetrio Estrada Walls. It didn't take lengthy for the subsequent request: on March 20 he despatched one other doc to Parliament to be allotted gasoline vouchers. The favored automotive is a Honda model, former possession of his ex-wife Susana Higuchi, who died in November 2021.

On April 24, Fujimori and his authorized protection submitted a 3rd doc addressed to the Chief Congress Officer, Giovanni Forno, to request cost of a month-to-month pension of 15,600 soles ($4,216), primarily based on Law 26519, which signifies that former presidents of the Republic will get pleasure from a pension equal to the full revenue of an energetic congressman.

In the previous couple of hours, numerous voices of protest have been heard arguing that Fujimori isn’t entitled to any life pension, attributable to article 2 of stated legislation which signifies that “the right is suspended in the case of former presidents with respect to whom the Congress has formulated a constitutional accusation, unless the court ruling declares them innocent.”

As recalled, Alberto Fujimori was released last December due to a ruling by the Constitutional Court based on a presidential pardon that was granted to him in 2017 for humanitarian reasons, not because he was declared innocent of crimes against human rights and corruption. for which he was sentenced to 25 years in prison. “The pardon they gave him does not eliminate his conviction for corruption and murder, it only leaves the sentence imposed without application. Nothing belongs to Alberto Fujimori. No pension, no staff, no fuel,” said parliamentarian Sigrid Bazán.

A detail that has also unnerved a large sector of the population is that, according to the Attorney General's Office, Alberto Fujimori maintains a debt with the State for civil reparation of more than 15 million dollars for the irregular search of his home. former advisor Vladimiro Montesinos, added to the payment of his Compensation for Time of Service (CTS), and the irregular purchase of Cable Canal. “It is worth noting that the appeal declared founded by the Constitutional Court does not free the convicted person from paying civil reparation to the State,” says the statement from the Attorney General's Office. In other words, the debt was not forgiven or extinguished, but remains despite the reprieve.

Rosángela Barbarán, parliamentarian for Fuerza Popular, the party founded by her daughter Keiko under the precepts of Fujimorism, points out that with the pension that is currently in process the former autocrat could pay his debt. “With that amount, withholdings would have to be generated for the payment of civil reparation,” she indicated. Finally, Elio Riera, Fujimori's lawyer, announced that the requests will continue: “He is entitled to the pension, the fuel vouchers and the assistant. In addition, we have requested a presidential escort from the Ministry of the Interior. All this corresponds to him by law.”

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