Fiery GB News debate over Union Jack flag after Eurovision contestant sparks row | Politics | News | EUROtoday

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GB News friends clashed over the Union Jack flag after the UK’s Eurovision contestant branded it “divisive” and “nationalistic”.

Olly Alexander sparked controversy for saying he is “ambivalent” about the red, white and blue flag.

The Years and Years singer, who will perform dance track Dizzy in the competition, said he would like to “reclaim” the Union Jack “in a constructive method”.

During a debate on GB News, Cheryl Baker – who won the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest as part of pop group Bucks Fizz – insisted she was “proud” of the flag.

But comedian James Barr defended Alexander and said he is right that young people should “take again” the flag.

Baker said: “To signify the UK in a contest just like the Eurovision, the most important annual competitors on the earth, you need to be tremendous happy with it and I do know I’m. I feel it is a great factor to have been concerned in.”

Barr replied: “If you are trying on the Union Jack you have simply received to take a look at the sorts of networks that drape themselves within the Union Jack flag and also you [GB News] are one in all them.”

Host Patrick Christys interrupted: “It’s not stopped you being paid by us for this night so for those who’ve received that a lot of an issue with it you possibly can depart.”

An exasperated Baker then said: “It’s our flag, for goodness sake, each nation has a flag.”

Referring to tonight’s Eurovision semi-final, she went on: “Have a glance tonight, the flags are flying of each single nation, everyone is proud to assist their very own flag, why ought to we be completely different? Why are we not happy with flying our personal flag? I do know I’m.”

Barr responded: “What Olly mentioned is true, he mentioned he is ambivalent to it and needs to redefine what our flag means.

“He’s wearing a Union Jack bikini that’s what he means by it, he wants to take back our flag for young people.”

But Baker replied: “That does not make sense whatsoever. That’s nonsense, what does that mean?”

The comic mentioned: “The only time the Union Jack flag is great is when the Spice Girls are wearing it, when Olly Alexander is wearing it as a bikini or when it’s been changed into pride colours.

“That flag represents our nation in numerous alternative ways and Olly’s proper, it is necessary we take it again.”