Sophia Aram denounces “the deafening silence” after the October 7 bloodbath | EUROtoday

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VSIt was Sophia Aram's night. At the Molières ceremony, held on the Folies bergères, Monday night, she was rewarded with the humor trophy for her present The World After. But it was above all her speech, a couple of minutes earlier than, during which she denounced “the silence” of the world of tradition after the bloodbath of October 7, 2023, which marked the night.

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“I would really like to make this moment a light, inclusive and caring moment. A moment of tenderness between private and public theater, or a moment of reconciliation between Rachida Dati and Kebab, Gabriel Attal's dog (Editor's note Dati had threatened to transform the Prime Minister's dog, Volta, into a kebab). I will settle for a message of service,” started the comic, who was on stage to current the Molière for greatest comedy.

“We who share the freedom to shout on all the channels in France or to shout our indignation about anything and everything in the stands, I think that we should also pay attention to our silences. In the hubbub of our easy indignation, the silence, even relative, after October 7, in which 1,200 Israelis were massacred, is deafening,” she says.

READ ALSO Sophia Aram: “It’s not me who changed, it’s the left who changed”“And while it is obvious that we all here share the calls for a ceasefire. How can we be in solidarity with the thousands of civilians who died in Gaza without also being in solidarity with the Israeli victims? », asks the comedian, applauded for almost 20 seconds. “How can we demand a ceasefire from Israel without demanding the release of Israeli hostages? How can we demand the departure of Netanyahu without demanding that of Hamas? »

A prize dedicated “to all the teubés of the time”

For Sophia Aram, “this silence which accompanies the victims of October 7 and the hostages continues to divide us and hurt all those, Jewish or not, who are committed to human rights. It is up to all of us to break this silence and the solitude of some of those who listen to us in the theater or elsewhere. »

She returned a few minutes later after her victory in the Molière 2024 of humor for her show “about all the idiots of the time: the conspiracy theorists, the anti-vaxxers, the far-right and far-left populists and the Islamists” . “I can dedicate this Molière to them because I know that they are all on social networks inviting me to introduce it to me in the foundation,” quips the comic. Who prefers “for real, dedicate it to everyone else”.