St. Vincent: “The atmosphere of my new album is completely inspired by Goya's black paintings” | EUROtoday

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St. Vincent has descended into hell. For this motive she attracts the restrict between life and dying, just like the River Styx of Greek mythology, by way of the sounds of All Born Screaminghis new album.

The most attention-grabbing factor about this work is probably the works that imbue the artist on this new stage: “The atmosphere of the album is completely inspired by the sentiment of Goya's black paintings“, he clarifies by way of a video name; his video is sort of as darkish because the collection of work he mentions: he has the digital camera off.

His satin thread of voice embodies the crumbs that information the trail of interpretation. She looks as if the prodigious guitarist, actual identify Annie Clark (Oklahoma, 41 years previous), might break at any second. The phrases accumulate like niches his enthusiasm for the discharge of his seventh studio album. But the phrases take time to go away his lips. They lengthen in time like a dancer who stays within the air with a step of aid: delicate and lightweight.

In this new musical chapter, Clark delves into his harshest and shadow stage. The performer explores distorted and gloomy textures with hoarse guitars and synthesizers that lastly explode into deafening silences. “The first half of the album resembles a stint in hell but ends with an ecstatic mantra that is All Born Screaming“We are all born screaming,” he says.

The last song on the album ends the route outlined by the artist, like a light at the end of the tunnel. “The lack of family members could be very clarifying. It reveals you ways brief life is,” confesses St. Vincent. “Life is inconceivable, however we now have to dwell it. So let's dwell it for love,” he says. This is the core of his new album.

“We love and undergo; magnificence and brutality converge there”

Evasively, Clark dismisses any questions about the loss that has affected him most from the conversation. “When the songs and the album attain the ears of the listener, it's not about me,” she concludes. Furthermore, for St. Vincent “songs don’t have any life till they attain different individuals's ears.”

All born screaming It is his most personal album. Annie Clark digs and digs in alone: ​​”I couldn't ask anybody else to assist me,” she says. On this occasion, St. Vincent, who usually produces his albums in conjunction with other producers, ventures to do it on his own for the first time, without outside interference. “This album is particularly thrilling as a result of it feels very near me. It's the sound that lives in my head“, indica.

The music of St. Vincent It mutates to the rhythm of surprise and the concept behind its visual work varies almost by obligation. For this reason, the seventies nuance of his latest album, Daddy’s Home, for which the guitarist won a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album, has completely disappeared. Clark distances himself from that time: “I've gotten rid of it.”

The artist's new music launches a forceful crochet. “We love and undergo; magnificence and brutality converge there,” she illustrates. Hell Is Near, Broken Man y Flea They are equally abrasive and devastating. The new metamorphosis of St. Vincent crawls between the sounds. Every note, every silence, every noise; all of them “ought to contribute to the elemental which means” of this album. “Nothing was arbitrary or lacked motive for being,” she concludes.

For their part, the drumsticks Dave Grohllder the Foo Fighters, accompany Clark on two tracks that reveal that “the human situation is identical for everybody.” In the end, the singer refers to the key to the entire album: “We are on this collectively.” Perhaps for this reason, the artist highlights the involvement of everyone who has contributed to rising to this new level.

“Reckless It breaks me to items. There's no strategy to sing it with out her being utterly engulfed in flames.”

Clark has been dedicating himself to music for more than two decades: “I've been recording in my room since I used to be 15 years previous,” he highlights. He toured with indie artists such as The Polyphonic Spree y Sufjan Stevensalthough it was not until 2007 that he launched Marry Mehis first solo album.

Today, St. Vincent composes from a prism that illuminates and colors the path to the climax of reflection. “Songs are colours”, she points out. “Music has saved my life.” The truth is that Annie Clark knows hell: “Mentally, melancholy is hell; you don't see the exit“. Its torments and glooms crackle and vibrate throughout the album, but above all they are noticeable in Reckless: “This tune tears me up. There's no strategy to sing it with out it being utterly engulfed in flames,” she exhales.

Besides, Violent Times, a theme in the key of a jazz more characteristic of the famous British agent Bond than the art rock that predominates in the work of Annie Clark, represents a turning point. It is no longer desolation or helplessness that guides her navigation but rather loss. The Powers’ Out, Sweetest Fruit y So Many Planets They assume that turn, that wisp of hope that inspires the will to live.

To reproduce the pulse between survival and mortality, St. Vincent It requires your particular intuition and musical instinct. “Music is pressure and discharge”, something as complicated and paradoxical as life itself. “It could be very easy: the one factor it’s a must to dwell for is love. We should attempt to be current for the individuals we love. “It's very simple, but also the work of a lifetime,” he says.