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L'Does the arrival of recent remedies for weight problems actually change the scenario for sufferers? In France, it is just a matter of months earlier than Wegovy, the star drug from the Novo Nordisk laboratory, composed of semaglutide, formally arrives in all pharmacies. For a number of months now, it has been prescribed to a couple hundred sufferers inside the framework of strict authorization restricted to a couple specialised hospital departments. Like Ozempic, its quasi-twin additionally composed of semaglutide, however used for the remedy of diabetics for a number of years, the injection of the remedy causes a progressive lack of urge for food. But not everybody reacts the identical approach. Between the roughly marked lack of kilos and the typically intense uncomfortable side effects, not all sufferers have had the identical expertise. Testimony from six of them on life “before” and “after” remedy.

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“I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of these drugs”

Anne-Sophie Jolyfounding father of the National Collective of Obese Associations* (Cnao)

“It’s not a story of aesthetic criteria or extra pounds to fit into your jersey. To think that these medications help you lose weight before summer is an insult to those who suffer from obesity and for whom it is not a lifestyle choice. My medical journey is complicated. I lost 70 kg after two obesity surgeries in the early 2000s. I suffered complications from other health problems. From 2011, my weight increased again. Since then, I have gained 60 kg again and I don't want to go to the operating room again. I am therefore impatiently awaiting the authorization of these drugs, even though I know that it will not be miraculous. Their arrival may help classify obesity as a long-term condition [ALD]. For many people, if there is no medication, it is not an illness. »

*I didn't choose to be fat, written with Richard Zarzavatdjian (Solar Éditions, 224 p., €18.90).

“I found the body of my 20 year old”

Nicholas, 52 years outdated, multimedia venture supervisor

“I have been a type 2 diabetic for twelve years. After years of rugby, I stopped the sport completely at 26, keeping the same fork stroke, so I gained a lot of kilos, and very quickly. I was the type to finish my plate and those of others. My diabetologist prescribed me Ozempic in 2019 because my diabetes was no longer well controlled. Quickly, I got back on track. But I noticed another effect, unexpected for me: I was less hungry. My family was even amazed to see me regularly settle for a small plate. In two years, I lost a little more than 10 kilos. Since then, I have stabilized at 99 kilos for 1.90 m and still on Ozempic. As I have returned to sport, I sometimes feel like I have regained the body I had when I was 20. But the most surprising thing is this profound change in my relationship with food and almost in my identity: I am no longer a big eater. »

“The side effects bothered me horribly”

Marianne, 69 years outdated, retired

“I have had weight problems since I was a teenager. Over the years, I continued to gain weight until I reached 123 kilos and 1.68 m tall. When the doctor at the hospital offered me Wegovy injections at the end of 2022, I really wanted it to work. But the adverse effects on my transit bothered me horribly. Even when I reduced the doses, I found myself stuck at home, terrified of going out and not having emergency access to a toilet. It was unbearable on a daily basis. I preferred to stop. »

“As soon as I stopped, my pounds came back”

Albert, 54 years outdated, employed in actual property

“When I was young, people called me Obelix because of my enormous appetite. I never passed up a good dish. For years, the pounds have been piling on. In 2019, I increased to 123 kilos for 1.70 m. My blood tests were bad, I was prediabetic. I wanted to do my own little program, without listening to the doctors' overly draconian advice. As I wasn't losing weight, there was talk of operating on me, but I was against it. Towards the end of 2022, my doctor suggested I take Wegovy to bring my weight down to 100 kilos. For the first time, I left slices of pizza on my plate without thinking about it. My friends asked me, as a joke, if I was sick. I lost 10 kilos in a few months, while balancing my diet a little. At that moment, I told myself that I could do without the injections. Bad idea. My appetite came back in full swing, with the added bonus of weight, even though I felt like I was always paying attention to my plate. This medicine is not a toy, you cannot take it and leave it as you want. »

“With all these pounds less, I was afraid of no longer recognizing myself in the mirror”

Cecile51 years outdated, painter

“It’s a destabilizing expertise. When I began Wegovy injections in January 2023, I weighed 111 kilos and was 1.65 m tall. At first, the needle on the size went down about 2 kilos per 30 days. My urge for food has actually diminished. I used to be glad in a short time, with out feeling like I used to be depriving myself. With the lack of the primary 10 kilos, I used to be afraid of now not recognizing myself within the mirror. Today, I’ve reached 91 kilos and, for a number of months, my weight has stagnated regardless of the injections. I inform myself that I’d be capable of cease quickly because it now not makes me shed pounds. »