Ayuso and his Government oppose “the threat” of the rectors to interrupt with Israeli universities: “We are going to go from the Star of David to pointing out their businesses” | EUROtoday

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The assertion of the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE) warning a few suspension of agreements with Israeli universities that don’t condemn the assaults within the Gaza Strip has discovered a response within the Madrid's neighborhood by means of its president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and the Minister of Education.

“We cannot use the campus to expel anyone, it is like saying that we are going to continue pointing out Israeli businesses, we are going to go from pointing out the Star of David to now starting to point out Israeli business to persecute it,” Ayuso said throughout a marketing campaign act in Girona wherein he has additionally identified that the camps are “the same international movements as always on the part of the left”, however that “they are now becoming stronger on the campuses of all the universities.”

The chief fashionable has assured that the Government's transfer introducing the popularity of Palestine into the talk is “totally senseless” and “unfair.” “No one refuses, neither do I, but justifying or as a reward after the most serious attacks in memory against the Jewish people, with more than 1,400 dead… It seems appalling and despicable to me that people are going to be rewarded for killing, it is not It is not time to talk about this nor for Spain to think about anything when no one has asked it to,” he concluded.

For his half, the Minister of Education, Emilio Viciana, has despatched a letter to the rectors wherein he refers to his warning as “an act of censorship”, “ideological control” and “lack of humanity.” “This paragraph violates legal certainty, because it refers to agreements that are merely academic; and it violates freedom of expression and conscience, because the political ideas of scientists and researchers should not be part of said agreements, nor can they be to force a statement (this type of forced signatures remind us too much of dictatorial regimes)”, states the Government of Isabel Daz Ayuso.

“This threat also constitutes an act of inhumanity because it is neither fair nor proportional to require anyone to go against their own country when it is at war. It was done with Palestinian academic and research institutions following the terrorist attacks.” Hamas? “There was no such thing in the communications that the CRUE published following such attacks,” the letter from the Minister of Education states.

In that textual content, Viciana expresses “surprise” at “the selective interest” of the CRUE on this concern. “It is strange that he did not speak out recently on issues that are much closer to him, and that could be more compromising, such as threats to the rule of law and the separation of powers here, in Spain, in line with the amnesty law.” “, details the counselor, who adds that the rectors' movement is a “menace in opposition to the labor rights of researchers, academics and staff of those establishments” because their “job and wage are threatened for ideological causes.”

“It is unconstitutional to deprive somebody of their wage, of a subsidy or to disclaim them an settlement for ideological causes, and even much less unexpectedly,” highlights the letter, which comes one day after the CRUE's reaction to the camps that have taken place. spread throughout the Spanish campuses in favor of the recognition of the Palestinian State and the cessation of Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.

The rectors, including those of public and private universities throughout the national territory, yesterday showed their support for “the demand” that “is spreading” from the coed actions on this regard and alludes to a breaking of agreements with these facilities in Israel that don’t condemn the assaults on Gaza.