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On France Inter, Léon Deffontaines defends nuclear power, “the energy of the future, the ecology of the future”

Guest of France Inter at 6:20 a.m., the top of the record of the French Communist Party (PCF) within the European elections, Léon Deffontaines, defended nuclear power, believing that it was “the energy of the future, the ecology of the future”. “Anti-nuclear activists are the environmentalists of the past”, he mentioned once morecalling for burying nuclear waste. “Deaths linked to global warming are colossal, while today there are no deaths linked to nuclear waste. » Mr. Deffontaines also affirmed that it was necessary “ develop massively » renewable energies, considering however that “clean energy, perfect energy does not exist”.

The communist candidate additionally needs at hand over the “social question” on the coronary heart of political issues, describing Jordan Bardella (National Rally, RN) as “falsifier of the social question”. According to him, who considers that Mr. Bardella was ” saving “ by the opposite French candidates, the RN has “the same economic and social project as Emmanuel Macron, plus xenophobia”. “I invited him to debate, he has not yet responded to me; if he does not have the courage, let him send his spokesmen,” he once more tackled, in reference to the primary debates by which Mr. Bardella didn’t take part, sending in his place members of his record.

The communist record, led by Mr. Deffontaines, is credited with 2.5% of voting intentions, in keeping with the newest wave of our electoral survey. Nothing is misplaced, in keeping with Mr. Deffontaines, who explains that his record can nonetheless receive greater than 5% – minimal to ship deputies to the European Parliament – ​​as a result of, “for the moment, there is a disenchantment among the French for this campaign”. “My goal is that the 4 lists on the left exceed 5% to elect 5 extra deputies for the left, 5 deputies much less for the proper and the intense proper. »