When Giscard was making ready his massive return to the Élysée | EUROtoday

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“OIt feels like a movie, huh? » the new President Mitterrand said to me as he went up the stairs of the palace. This Thursday, May 21, 1981, the Élysée opened all its doors wide. We enter like a mill. The first to arrive went upstairs to position themselves at the windows. Others remained in the courtyard. I climbed a few steps of the porch, not doubting that security forces would chase me away. But no. After seeing the new president arrive amid applause, I will witness the departure of the “ex”, amid boos and whistles. While he had deliberate a relaxed outing, on foot, as he had arrived seven years earlier, Giscard can be actually overwhelmed by a vociferous crowd!

More affected maybe by these farewells amid insults than by his defeat…

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