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Romn Collado, sitting on the footboard, waited for glory like somebody ready for the 7:53 p.m. practice, the precise time when the courageous Proud rolled over already useless. The job, in its first half, had been an exhibition of the bull's gallop over the lengthy distance that the bullfighter allowed him. The Fuenteymbro began up, after a late level, like a locomotive. And he handed via there, from one pit to a different, with the emotion of uncertainty – at so many meters and with the wind… -, a frenetic repetition, besides when it had for use and he misplaced his arms, the speeds of the contenders being out of adjustment.

That's why I believe Román was proper to shorten the gap, with out which means that it was quick, to wager, not a lot by throwing the coin within the air, however by bullfighting. I imply: for bullfighting the bull and making the flag a muletazo. And it got here out embroidered. Proudly he responded along with his grasping zeal., his scandalous bravery, extra and above all higher on the left, which was the one he performed at that second. RC put collectively the 2 key pure rounds of the duty with a tremendously emotional vibration. So devoted and linked, so honest, very courageous too. The penultimate one on the precise with the identical authenticity, the very lengthy chest passes and the cost that by no means appeared to decelerate – so full was the bull on the horse, together with the knockdown – turned the sq. the other way up. An improvised poncina with an countless change of hand and a lawful thrust exploded enthusiasm. The gradual loss of life of Proud – cheering the drag of crucial bull of the six – and Román sitting on the stirrup. Like somebody ready for the 7:53 p.m. practice. To get on with an ear of weight and watch for the following one.

At 8:56 p.m. the following covoy handed by, which didn’t need to cease on the station of a Román decided to climb for all times or loss of life: with half the Puerta Grande open, he risked all the things for all the things with a really voyeuristic bull, with sharp intentions. A sniper with a toxic bullet. The Valencian accomplished an impeccable afternoon, probably the most rounded and mature of his profession in Madrid. Attitude and aptitude, very targeted. I swallowed the castor bean with ambition between my enamel. This is the way you come to Madrid! They shouted at him. You may virtually hear the hinges of the door that results in Alcal. But, after the thrust, the bull fell to loss of life. Two warnings fell rather than the beast. A sudden shock denied the older lady. How unfair. The return to the ring responded to the unquestionable reality of Román, to a cease of glory.

Fuente Ymbro's bullfight was opened completely by Cinquea and really armed, with a brown bull with a showy head and a fibrous, skinny physique, that line of very lively individuals within the subject. And endowed, like the whole group, with barbaric mobility. A stratospheric preparation. A present for the general public. And along with his virtues but additionally along with his defects for the skilled, that connection of the Gallardo bull of straight assaults, from the within, and extra piston than rhythm. A constructive calculation ultimately by widespread vote. Fandi, with the sinewy bull and the fourth, who was a tank however who assaults higher – not less than within the inside -, displayed his present in banderillas and hit many passes.

Gogida de Valadez

Gogida de ValadezJavier Barbancho

The Mexican Leo Valadez was a macho bullfighter and courageous with a horrible chest – second hat in Bilbao in 2023, Parrado dixit-, very aggressive, filled with genius. He caught him as soon as with unleashed violence in a reckless crash – miraculously cold – and once more when he went in to kill: Valadez emerged from the trance along with his shoulder dislocated and bent in ache. But with the target achieved. He didn't depart the infirmary once more and El Fandi fell for the final one, a blow with extra facade and can than energy to develop it. Fandila repeated the scheme of his efficiency: the capotera selection, the banderillera explosion and a wholesale job.

THE SALES. Saturday, May 11, 2024. Second of the honest. Three quarter lengthy entrance (18,497). Bulls from Fuente Ymbro, all Cinqueos; severe and filled with super mobility; Bravo 2 was the most effective; sophisticated 3 and 5.

EL FANDI, IN NAVY BLUE AND GOLD. Half mendacity lunge. Notice (silence); low lunge (silence); indifferent lunge (silence)

ROMN, OF LIGHT BLUE AND GOLD. Thrust. Notice (ear); lunge and hair loss. Two warnings (flip).

LEO VALADEZ, IN BOTTLE GREEN AND GOLD. Lunge (greetings). Injured: dislocation and potential fracture