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The world of bullfighting is an unfathomable nicely of anecdotes, the anecdote being a critical factor. Get again on observe Lucas Pérez (Madrid, 1978) 11 years later with Another 300 bullfighting anecdotes (La Esfera de los Libros), which added to the earlier, and profitable, publication of 300 anecdotes -10,000 copies sold- nearly give the National Episodes of Galdos, the anecdote being a brief and joke. Serious factor, I insist.

It appears that it was me, and plainly it was yesterday, who prefaced the primary 300 anecdotes, when Lucas deserted ship from the Bullfighting part of this newspaper to maneuver to Nacional, additionally on this holy home. This was ten years and 4 editions in the past. What has occurred on this decade with the sagacious Pérez? That he has minimize his tooth closing the locomotive part of EL MUNDO and has modified his prologue author. The new 300 anecdotes are introduced by Román Collado, a younger bullfighter whose smile doesn’t fall even along with his meat open. The writer himself tells it with a naturalness that makes this new betrayal extra bearable: «The terrifying goring of Román in Madrid, that June 9, 2019, impacted me enormously. That manner of hanging his leg from that bull's piton and that path of blood from a bullfighter who, with out understanding him, preferred him. That's why I made a decision to pay him a go to to the hospital as soon as he moved from the ICU to the ward. What was my shock that after I entered the room I discovered him smiling and with a ebook on the bedside desk: It was 300 bullfighting anecdotes. He informed me that he liked it and that it had been excellent for him in these exhausting instances.

Lucas Perez, with the bullfighter Román Collado, prologue to his new book.

Lucas Perez, with the bullfighter Román Collado, prologue to his new ebook.ANGEL NAVARRETE

To the writer's proposal for a second a part of the 300 anecdotes, if he had materials, Lucas Pérez responded sure, pondering of updating this bible of bullfighting laughter with the brand new technology of bullfighters. He didn’t fall, however he would fall later, by which the latest batch of the rating is extra of a cell phone than a tavern, extra about Instagram than a few poker sport and, due to this fact, extra about displaying fireplace than about “burning Troy without seeing the smoke” (Pepe Teruel). So, for higher or worse, he turned to earlier generations to look like a dowser for the anecdotes that would not be left at the hours of darkness: “While I contacted these new bullfighters, along the way I met masters from previous decades, bullfighting bullfighters. always (and in danger of extinction), which They told me stories that I couldn't leave unpublished. And I decided to open my hand to stories from the past that would have been left out of the previous book.

The new 300 spark a smile on page 21 – which is when the book starts -, other times laughter and many other times admiration. TO Romanian He forgot his bullfighting dress on the day of his debut, and from that moment on he took the position of prologue of Lucas's work of anecdotes. Of Jose Tomas a Morante of Pueblagoing by Spartacus, Juan Jose Padilla or the unattainable Romero job.

Ginés Marín dressed as a bullfighter on a Vespa.

Ginés Marín dressed as a bullfighter on a Vespa.

Victor Mendes He said, as Lucas Pérez states, that he did not understand why Curro, one day when they were bullfighting together, he shouted from the alley “Child, don't get so shut…!” Since Mendes did not understand what the Pharaoh He approached the barrier: “Master, why do you inform me to not get shut?” “Because if I catch you, the one who has to exit and battle in your place is me…”

It is advisable to say as soon as possible the difficulty that the author faces, and resolves successfully, to transfer in writing anecdotes that acquire their grace in the oral story, in the way of telling it, in the way of saying it, in the atmosphere and the opportune moment. Morante gave Padilla a macaw -who was bullfighting with his patch after the terrible mishap in Zaragoza, remember?- in the year of his farewell: «A pirate can't be without a parrot!». MdlP one day dressed up as an Iberian lynx like Roca Rey dressed, and acted, in Peru as a monosabio.

Padilla, with the macaw that Morante gave him.

Padilla, with the macaw that Morante gave him.

Juan Antonio Ruiz 'Spartacus' was the landlord of Maradona in his Sevilla times on the banks of the Guadalquivir. At the end of the year that lasted the D10s of football in Sevilla There was an exchange of shirts. Or from a t-shirt to a light dress.

A bailiff forgot his suit at the time of the parade, like Román did when he went to bullfighting, only that Román was not given one of them. Batmanbut yes a prologue…

Book cover.

Book cover.

'Another 300 bullfighting anecdotes' continues with the story that the journalist Lucas Pérez, passionate about bullfighting and whose professional career has been linked to the world of bullfighting, began in 300 bullfighting anecdotes (The Sphere of Books, 2013, 4 editions published), in which he collected curiosities, coincidences, bizarre adventures, embarrassing situations, manias, oddities, secrets, gossip and stories of lies that feed the legend of the heroes dressed in lights.

Besides of 300 bullfighting anecdotes 2013, Lucas Pérez published a year before Manzanares, heir to legend, also with The Sphere of Books. Between both titles It has sold more than 10,000 copies.