London Zoo’s lovable lion cubs take first steps exterior with mum | UK | News | EUROtoday

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In a heartwarming show at London Zoo, three Asiatic lion cubs have been seen venturing exterior for the primary time below the watchful eye of their mom Arya.

Captivating photos seize the 8-week-old cubs initially hesitant, in search of consolation from their mom, earlier than joyfully frolicking of their Indian-themed enclosure, playfully chasing one another and tugging at their mom’s tail.

The zookeepers at London Zoo shared: “The cubs, born on 13 March 2024, have so far spent their time cosied up in their special indoor cub dens with mum.”

“The trio are yet to be sexed, and this will happen during their first health check later this month.”

These cubs symbolize a significant contribution to the conservation breeding programme aimed toward guaranteeing the survival of this Critically Endangered species.

With the wild inhabitants confined to India’s Gir Forest in Gujarat, they face important dangers from illness or pure calamities.

Current estimates point out there are solely between 600 to 700 of those majestic creatures left within the wild.