Who is the Mexican Calita who performs this Sunday in San Isidro? | EUROtoday

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Calita arrived in Spain on the age of 14 to coach on the Bullfighting School in Seville. Without horses he stood out in numerous competitions, attaining the Arnedo Silver Shoe. He debuted with picadors in Simancas (Valladolid) and he went to Mexico to proceed his profession the place he took the choice within the capital's Monumental by the hands of Manolo Mejía and within the presence of José María Manzanares in 2009.

Last 12 months he confirmed the choice in Las Ventas by signing an vital efficiency with bulls by Román Sorando. He went across the ring in every of his turns: “The image and the dimension that I gave was good. I began a new stage of my career, even though I am already experienced, there are already 14 years of alternative – of which nine They were on the bench. It was definitely a new chapter. because I gained in many things, above all, in confidence that we often sin by not trusting in ourselves. It helped me to be posted in the main squares of Mexico where I have been able to succeed in almost all of them. The echo of Madrid reaches all parts of the world.”

Plaza 1 took that efficiency into consideration when making the posters for this 12 months's honest. You could current your self as a matador in San Isidro: “I arrive very motivated, very responsible, I am aware of what it means to be at the San Isidro fair. My goal is to stay in Europe for the season, that will only come if I earn it in Madrid. I will give reasons for the people to trust me. companies and, above all, the fans” he states with confidence.

The major gala’s in Mexico have accommodated it. He was current on the reopening of La México – the place he lower off an ear, alternating with Pablo Hermoso at his farewell to whom they requested for the utmost trophies -, in Guadalajara -ear of weight-, in Zacatecas – winner of the honest – and the nice doorways of San Luis Potosí, Huamantla and Pachuca, amongst others. “It has been a winter of bullfighting a lot, thank God, what happened in Madrid gave me a lot of credit. It is a place that sets the tone. Of course I would have liked it to have had more weight in Spain. The fairs close well in advance so that it is more difficult to have a place. It has been a winter with important victories in Mexico and Peru, I have not stopped fighting.”

You will face the run by Baltasar Ibán together with Francisco de Manuel and Álvaro Alarcón. “Without a doubt, Baltasar Ibán's iron is historical, very much to the taste of the fans of Las Ventas. I have studied him a lot, he is a very demanding bull. I have tempted and fought some bulls. Being American I have the reference of what served him Baltasar Ibán to César Rincón and one dreams of connecting with Madrid through bulls that allow you to succeed. I like the poster, mainly because it is a poster of renewal. Francisco de Manuel is a young bullfighter, although he already has a certain history in Madrid. and with important triumphs. Álvaro Alarcón took the alternative last year in San Isidro Well, imagine, he talks a lot about him and, what's more, he came out as a bullfighter through the front door. “We have this chance, we’ve to make the most of it in order that we’ve arguments and some of these posters proceed to be made.”

From Mexico, where the party continues to be questioned in the capital Despite his health, he echoes the support of his countrymen. “It's good to really feel that heat from the Mexican followers, these are very difficult instances for bullfighting in Mexico. It makes us international bullfighters extra accountable who come to Madrid to present the followers causes to be excited, to proceed combating for bullfighting.”