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Shopping for the perfect garden mower ought to be taken critically. The garden is a British establishment, the primary point out of which dates again to 1260. It deserves care and a focus. “Even gardeners and lawn obsessives are prone to forgetting that grass is a plant that needs caring for in the same way as any other,” says David Hedge-Gowers, chairman of the Lawn Association and creator of Modern Lawn Care: The Complete Guide to a Happy and Healthy Lawn.

In order to make sure it receives correct care, you want a high-quality garden mower (and backyard hose). But from the huge array of fashions available on the market, how will you inform which mower is best for you? From conventional petrol-powered mowers to battery-powered cordless garden mowers and robotic mowers – the fastest-growing class within the business – there are numerous to select from. I requested the specialists the place to start in your hunt for the right mower. You can learn their verdicts beneath, adopted by solutions to some regularly requested questions, however for those who’re in a rush right here’s a fast take a look at the highest 5:

Which are the perfect garden mowers in 2024? At a look

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What are the several types of garden mowers accessible?

James Broadhouse (identified by his “turf industry influencer” moniker Jimmy the Mower) has been a groundsman for the previous 12 years, and “uses a variety of mowers, from small battery operated pedestrian ones to ride-on diesel models,” so he’s well-placed to touch upon the professionals and cons of various sorts.

Rotary garden mowers

“When you’re at home with a lawn that’s used by pets and children, best go for a rotary mower for a good finish,” he says. A rotary mower has a single high-speed rotating blade that cuts grass with a chopping movement. They’re higher ready to deal with uneven terrain and hard grass than their perfectionist sibling, the cylinder mower.

Cylinder garden mowers

“Cylinders are the pinnacle of mowing machines, as they usually have six or more blades so you get a really fine cut,” he says. “But they’re harder to maintain, and work best on fine, quality turf.” A cylinder garden mower (generally additionally known as a ‘reel’) has a cylinder of blades set on a horizontal shaft on the entrance of the mower which rotate and lower your grass with a scissor-like movement.

They mow neatly and effectively and may give you a superior end, however are restricted to areas of flat garden as they will’t deal with different topography or lengthy grass.

“We advise that most people should opt for a rotary mower,” says Robert Garner of garden care firm Lawnsmith. “It’s like wine – you likely wouldn’t be able to taste the difference between a semi expensive and very expensive bottle of wine unless you were an expert, and we conclude that you won’t be able to tell the difference between the finishes from rotary and cylinder mowers, and rotary mowers are easier to maintain and are height-adjustable.”

Hover garden mowers

The third sort is a hover garden mower, which creates a cushion of air between the mower and the grass which the mower ‘hovers’ on. This floating impact replaces a necessity for wheels. These are the perfect garden mowers for uneven floor, or anybody who likes getting the job shortly, as a result of they’re simpler to manoeuvre. Hover garden mowers additionally are usually probably the most light-weight.

1. Mountfield Princess 38Li Cordless Lawn Mower

£399, Amazon

Best garden mower for small gardens, 10/10

We like: it’s gentle and straightforward to manoeuvre

We don’t like: it’s not fairly heavy-duty sufficient for bigger gardens