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All people share an enormous a part of our genome, 99.6%. That implies that we’re solely completely different in that remaining 0.4%. We are so equal as a result of the genome is what defines us as people, however on account of that 0.4% variability no two similar genomes exist. These divergences are chargeable for our bodily variations, that are the obvious, but additionally for different traits, which I’ll touch upon later.

Since we inherit the genome from our fathers and moms, it is going to be extra much like theirs, besides, it’ll have a small half completely different. Only within the case of twins who’re similar, their genome is virtually the identical, however even they’ve some small variations. In truth, it’s stated that our genome is extra necessary in figuring out us individually than our fingerprint, which everyone knows is exclusive. We every even have our distinctive genome. For that purpose, you’ll certainly be accustomed to paternity checks or using DNA to determine folks associated to crimes. This is feasible as a result of every particular person's genome is completely different from that of the remainder of people.

Another attention-grabbing truth is that this 0.4% distinction just isn’t the identical in all people. Yes, there are areas that we all know are extra variable and are extra completely different between folks, and that may be associated to completely different characters (bodily, hormone technology, immune system…) and there are additionally areas of the genome which can be very variable between folks of the identical sort. We nonetheless don't know what they’re for. But it is extremely necessary that they exist, since it’s what permits humanity as a species to outlive and be wholesome. In truth, you’ll certainly be accustomed to the truth that when there are offspring amongst members of the identical household, illnesses usually seem. These illnesses have their origin in the truth that two very comparable genomes have been blended.

Regarding the completely different elements of the genome, we are able to say, very broadly, that they decide bodily and psychological traits and likewise the danger of affected by some illnesses, equivalent to hereditary most cancers. These variations within the genome don’t trigger most cancers per se, however they do put an individual at better threat of affected by the illness all through their life. By transmitting the genome to kids, they might even have that elevated threat. That is to say, the variations in our genome aren’t solely associated to the bodily half, which is the obvious, however they’ll additionally have an effect on our well being.

So that you just perceive this completely, I’m going to offer you a easy rationalization of what the genome is. It is just like the instruction guide of an organism. All dwelling beings are made up of cells. These cells wouldn’t know how you can operate if they didn’t have an instruction guide that tells them what to do and when to do it. That instruction guide is the genome, which is product of DNA. If we think about our genome as a guide, this DNA could be the language with which the instruction guide is written.

It is necessary that this guide be effectively written and effectively organized. If we had a consumer guide for a machine, for instance, the primary instruction could be to show it on, the second to press a sure button, and many others. The similar factor occurs with the genome, it’s a guide that has organized the directions that cells must know what they need to do and when, and every instruction is what we name a gene. And relying on what cells they’re, they obtain some directions or others. For instance, liver cells don’t do the identical factor as eye cells, so the genome offers them the exact directions that every of them wants.

The variety of directions that our genome encodes to control the functioning of cells may be very giant. That's why our genome, this instruction guide, is big. However, it’s discovered inside our cells, that are microscopic. Thus, this DNA should be very effectively compacted to pay attention that big quantity of directions in an area as small as a cell.

Laia Bonjoch she holds a doctorate in biomedicine, researcher on the Institute of Biomedical Research August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS) in Barcelona.

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