Léon Deffontaines and Manon Aubry painting Raphaël Glucksmann as “the new Hollande” | EUROtoday

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For Léon Deffontaines and Manon Aubry, Raphaël Glucksmann is a “new Hollande”

Haro on Raphael Glucksmann on the left. Guests respectively on Public Senat and on Europe 1/CNews, the heads of the communist and “rebellious” record, Léon Deffontaines and Manon Aubry, every castigated their socialist counterpart Monday morning.

“There is something wrong on the left”estimated Mr. Deffontaines, earlier than attacking the socialist candidate, described as “new Holland »: “When I see Raphaël Glucksmann defending Europe as an opportunity for us, I understand voters who say to themselves, “if that's what the left is, then it's not for me”. » For the 28-year-old communist candidate, “the European Union is a machine for crushing young people”and he pleads for “another Europe, another vision”between “the radicalism of Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the liberalism of Raphaël Glucksmann”.

Asked whether or not, in accordance with him, the top of the PS-Place publique record embodied the left, Mr. Deffontaines replied that he didn’t. ” Do not think “. “In the same way that François Hollande was a president of the left-wing Republic, honestly I don’t think so”he added, criticizing the MEP's program: “Raphaël Glucksmann calls himself left-wing, except when he talks about pensions, when we talk about public services, when we talk about the enlargement of the EU. »

“When I see Glucksmann defending the enlargement of the EU to countries where the minimum wage is 200 euros per month, I want to ask the voters who are ready to vote Raphaël Glucksmann, are you ready to vote for EU enlargement? Are you ready to vote for competition between workers? »he asked.

While he is, so far, ahead of the other left-wing candidates and getting closer to Valérie Hayer, Raphaël Glucksmann also came under criticism from the “rebellious” Manon Aubry on Monday morning. The latter notably criticized Mr. Glucksmann for having opposed Sunday to “universal retirement at age 60”on France 3, whereas this system of the New Popular, Ecological and Social Union (Nupes), signed in spring 2022 for the legislative elections, plans to “restore the right to full retirement at age 60”.

“I see how Raphaël Glucksmann, how the PS, are destroying what we constructed with the Nupesdenounced Mme Aubry. There is retirement at 60 which they’re turning their again on, there may be the European vitality market which we collectively stated we had been able to deviate from…” “It is the return of a Dutchism that 'we've already tried'she stated, one month earlier than the European election.