for the United States, there isn’t a “genocide” in Gaza | EUROtoday

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L'Israeli military should do extra to spare Palestinian civilians. This is, in essence, what the White House declared on Monday, May 13. The United States, by means of Jake Sullivan, advisor to American President Joe Biden, has additionally thought-about that Israel isn’t participating in “genocide” within the Gaza Strip.

We believe that Israel can and must do more to ensure the protection of innocent civilians. We do not believe that what is happening in Gaza is a genocide,” the nationwide safety adviser stated throughout a press briefing.

American opposition to an operation in Rafah

Jake Sullivan stated President Joe Biden was working to carry the battle to a regional scenario that “ guarantees Israel's security while paving the way for a future of dignity and security for the Palestinian people, rather than seeing Israel mired in a never-ending counter-guerrilla campaign.”

Jake Sullivan also reiterated that the US administration believes that “ “it would be a mistake to launch a major military operation in the heart of Rafah that would endanger enormous numbers of civilians without a clear strategic gain.” President Biden's dedication to Israel is “ in reinforced concrete”, however “ This does not mean that there is never disagreement” with the Israeli authorities, the nationwide safety adviser pressured.