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The spokespersons in the Assembly, Rocío Monasterio (VOX) (i), and Juan Lobato (PSOE) attend the institutional ceremony of imposition of the Great Crosses of the Order of the Second of May presided over by the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, this Thursday at the Real Casa de Correos in Madrid.
The spokespersons within the Assembly, Rocío Monasterio (VOX) (i), and Juan Lobato (PSOE) attend the institutional ceremony of imposition of the Great Crosses of the Order of the Second of May presided over by the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, this Thursday on the Real Casa de Correos in Madrid.Marshal (EFE)

The spokesperson for Vox within the Madrid Assembly, Rocío Monasterio, calls for that the Regional Parliament Bureau annul the sanction of 15 days of wage with which it punished her for voting twice in the identical initiative of the plenary session on February 1. This is acknowledged within the reconsideration doc registered by the chief of the far-right social gathering, to which EL PAÍS has accessed. Although Monasterio confronted being suspended as a deputy for a interval of 1 month, along with shedding her wage throughout that point (she earns 4,244.85 euros monthly), the investigator of the file opened in opposition to her, Mercedes Zarzalejo, advocated making use of the precept of proportionality, since their vote didn’t have an effect on the results of the initiative put to the vote (the modification to everything introduced by Más Madrid in opposition to the Government's round financial system regulation). For this purpose, Manuela Bergerot's social gathering voted in opposition to this sanction proposal, contemplating that Monasterio also needs to be punished with out with the ability to function a deputy for not less than two weeks.

“It is not proportional to impose a sanction in the face of a fact that is so irrelevant for all purposes,” the 40-page doc states. “[Se solicita] the reconsideration of the agreement adopted on April 18, 2024, and [que] the sanction proposal included in the resolution of the sanctioning file is rejected, and said file is archived without further processing,” it reads. “The suspension of the execution of the sanction is requested until the present sanctioning procedure is final,” it provides. “Without prejudice to the fact that, if the agreement to resolve the sanctioning file is not reconsidered, a resolution based on Law is requested. [sic] that complies with the duty contained in article 49.1c) last paragraph, to duly motivate all parliamentary writings that represent a limitation of those rights and powers that make up the constitutionally relevant statute of political representatives.”

Monasterio's request is expected to be reviewed on Friday by the Parliament Board, which regulates the day-to-day running of the Chamber. What is expected is that it will be taken into consideration, transferred for information to the Board of Spokespersons, and finally debated at the Table next week. These are the steps, actions and key dates of the controversy.

January 25. José Luis Ruiz Bartolomé, Monasterio's right-hand man in the chamber, leaves his seat to return to private activity. Vox has one week to replace him before the first plenary session of the new session. It is not that it is urgent either: the PP has an absolute majority and its presence will not change anything.

January 31. One day before the plenary session, Pablo Gutiérrez de Cabiedes resigns from occupying the seat, which corresponds to him because he is next on the electoral list. His decision exacerbates the crisis of a party that has gone from controversy to controversy in recent months. And so, Vox arrives at the plenary session the next day without its new deputy, Javier Pérez, having taken office and, therefore, with one less vote and an empty chair.

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February 1st. At the end of the plenary session, the president of the Assembly, Enrique Ossorio (PP), takes the floor to give a warning before voting begins. “Before starting to vote, I clarify that a deputy, by mistake, has pressed the presence button in two different seats,” proclaims the previous regional vp, who downplays the significance of that motion. The controversy, actually, explodes later, when the technical companies of the Chamber detect {that a} vote has been taken from the seat of Ruiz Bartolomé, who’s now not a deputy and has not been changed by Vox. That is, somebody has voted twice.

February fifth. Ossorio decides to open an investigation and all eyes instantly flip to Monasterio. Because the deputy Íñigo Henríquez de Luna admits within the assembly of spokespersons that he activated two totally different locations as current, as a result of he didn’t need the seat subsequent to Monasterio to stay empty, which was not very aesthetic in entrance of the cameras. But he lastly returned to his seat. The chief of Vox is the one who involves admit having voted a number of occasions, though she doesn’t specific it clearly both.

“It's technology stuff,” Monasterio laughs throughout a press convention wherein he describes himself urgent and unpressing buttons in a rush to attempt to flip off the seat. But nobody takes the matter as a joke in Parliament. And a lot much less the PP, which sees an excellent alternative to settle excellent accounts together with her former associate, or within the left-wing opposition, wherein Más Madrid registers a letter requesting that she be suspended as a deputy for 30 days.

Nothing like this had ever occurred within the Madrid Assembly, in response to a spokesperson for the establishment. But there are precedents outdoors the area. For instance, within the Basque Country. There, in 2003, Parliament sanctioned Carlos Iturgaiz with one month with out with the ability to train his rights for having activated the digital presence indicator within the Chamber of his colleague Jaime Mayor Oreja.

February eighth. In the center of a management session of his Government, Ayuso is dedicated to sanctioning Monasterio for his motion. “If you are going on a road where you have to drive at 80 [kilómetros por hora], and they catch you at 140, Mrs. Monasterio, you will understand that you will have to be fined,” assures the regional president. “What has not been seen in life is that I vote for another deputy who is absent,” she denounces. Monasterio responds by assuring that the conservative chief seeks to expel her from the Chamber in any respect prices, and he or she jokes, gesturing, when the top of the session comes, it’s time for her to vote, and he or she makes grandiloquent actions at each step.

February 9. The Assembly Board decides to launch the method that may probably find yourself sanctioning the spokesperson of the far-right social gathering.

April 4. EL PAÍS accesses the content material of the sanction proposal signed by Zarzalejo, which was confirmed by the Assembly Board on April 10.

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