Georgia approves ‘international brokers’ invoice regardless of mass protests: Back to Russia’s orbit? | EUROtoday

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The Debate

Georgia: Return to Russia's orbit?

Georgia: Return to Russia’s orbit? © FRANCE24

From the nation that launched the so-called coloured revolutions comes one other showdown… Georgia’s parliament shrugging off among the greatest protests in its post-Soviet historical past and approving a international brokers invoice that mirrors laws in neighboring Russia, a approach argues the opposition to curb media freedom and dissent in a South Caucuses nation that solely lately graduated to EU candidate standing.

Is Tbilisi now returning to Russia’s orbit… or did that already occur when the Georgia Dream celebration of billionaire oligarch Bidzina Ivanishvili received a supermajority in 2020? That supermajority slated to override a presidential veto on what the opposition calls the Russian Law. Then what?

Ahead of elections within the fall, we’ll ask what classes for different former Soviet states like Armenia, Kazakhstan and naturally Ukraine – which simply ten years in the past was nonetheless evenly break up between pro-Moscow and pro-E-U residents.

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