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What is CCAT?


The subject motion coordination cell (CCAT), blamed by the federal government within the riots, was created by historic independence activists. The goal of this collective, born in November 2023, was to arrange the protest in order that the State renounces the thaw of the Caledonian electoral physique.

The CCAT grew in energy over the course of the mobilizations, with as much as 15,000 demonstrators on April 13. Apart from the journey of three ministers in February, these conferences befell with out incident and even in a festive ambiance, together with final Sunday in Nouméa, on the eve of the primary riots.

Among the leaders of the CCAT are Christian Tein and Dominique Fochi, members of the island's predominant independence get together, the Caledonian Union – probably the most radical fringe of the Socialist Kanak Liberation Front (FLNKS) -, alongside, notably , by Marie-Pierre Goyetche, member of the Trade Union of Kanak and Exploited Workers (USTKE).

The CCAT has attracted new profiles – households and younger folks – attracted by its discourse of graduated battle going, in concept, to rebellion. In its newest press launch, the CCAT reaffirmed that “the actions had to be kept in phase (…) peaceful »while adding: “We will never go back to independence. »

This organization, whose dissolution was requested by non-independenceists, “is mafia, violent, commits looting, murders” and isn’t “not political”, accused the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, on Thursday. On Wednesday, he signed the primary 5 home arrest orders for officers offered as “violent”. Other home arrests had been then introduced, bringing to thirty the variety of folks incriminated, whose names the ministry refused to speak.