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The Spanish Government has denied a stopover allow in Spain to a ship loaded with explosives coming from India and certain for Israel in a direct controversy with Sumar over the cargo ship's cease in Cartagena (Murcia). Borkum which, based on pro-Palestinian associations, would transport army materials for the Israeli Army and, based on the Government, carries a cargo for the Czech Ministry of Defense. The vessel that has been denied a stopover is totally different from the one reported by Sumar, it’s the Marianne Danica, a Danish-flagged ship that set sail from Madras (India) certain for the port of Haifa (Israel).

Same as him Borkumhe Marianne Danica requested permission to transit by Spanish waters and cease on the port of Cartagena (Murcia), however not this Friday, however subsequent Tuesday, May 21. The ship, which is transporting explosive materials, carries a load of 26.8 tons. The sender of the merchandise is the Indian firm Siddharta Logistics Co and its recipient is the Israeli firm Cargo Logistics (ICL). The sources consulted don’t rule out that the complaints with the Borkum reply to the truth that one ship has been confused with one other.

The parliamentary group of Sumar, a minority companion of the Government, has introduced this Thursday to the State Attorney General's Office a grievance by which it requests the blockade of the cargo ship Borkum, which is scheduled to dock within the subsequent few hours on the port of Cartagena (Region of Murcia), and particularly of the “military material destined for Israel that is deposited in its warehouses or deck,” based on the doc accessed by EL PAÍS. . Sumar additionally calls for that the general public ministry undertake govt precautionary measures earlier than the related courts of justice, each the National Court and the International Court of Justice, with the intention of complying with the orders issued in January and March by the International Court of Justice. , which prohibit any motion that might represent the crime of genocide in Gaza. The Delàs Center for Peace Studies has additionally requested that the ship be inspected to confirm that its cargo and vacation spot coincide with what was declared by the service.

The socialist a part of the Government has denied that the weapons carried by that ship are destined for Israel, regardless of which these accountable for Sumar have continued with their grievance, which they guarantee is supported by info and documentation from which they’ve been ” knowledgeable”, and who preserve that the ship “is transporting a shipment of weapons for Israel” whose remaining vacation spot is the Israeli port of Ashdod, “a city just 25 kilometers from Gaza, where the international community is aware of activities by the State of Israel qualify as genocide against the Palestinian people,” adds the text presented. And it abounds: “According to the identification codes of each container specified in the documentation [que se adjunta a la denuncia]this ship carries 20 tons of rocket motors (UN code class 1.3C 186), 12.5 tons of rockets with explosive charge (code 181), 1,500 kilograms of explosive substances (UN code class 477) and 740 kilograms of charges, cannon propellants (UN code class 242)”.

Podemos has also mobilized against the docking of the ship, which this Thursday is already off the coast of Cartagena. Ione Belarra's party has filed a complaint in the National Court, which has informed the Prosecutor's Office to rule. The public ministry responded this Thursday by reporting against the admission of this complaint for processing, considering that there is no evidence of a crime, reports JJ Galvez. It is planned that, during her stopover in Cartagena, the Borkum will unload part of her cargo, destined for the weapons and explosives factory in Granada, owned by the Slovak firm MSM, according to sources familiar with the operation.

Belarra has announced on social networks that the Podemos deputy Javier Sánchez Serna will visit the facilities of the port of Cartagena this afternoon “to check, first-hand, the situation of the ship Borkum, suspected of bringing weapons to Israel for genocide.” The Minister of Transport, Óscar Puente, responded to Belarra: “Well, you will waste time, because the ship does not dock in Cartagena until 7 am tomorrow. But anyway, there you go. We have already provided complete transparency with the data on the ship's cargo and its final destination. Our port professionals ensure compliance with regulations without the need for any exercise in populism. Thank you”. The basic secretary of Podemos has insisted: “The Czech Republic is without doubt one of the largest sellers of weapons to Israel. It is clear that that is an intermediate cease and that the cargo will arrive in Israel for the genocide of the Palestinian folks.”

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The Borkum is a ship from the Indian metropolis of Chennai and is carrying tons of weapons of conflict, as EL PAÍS has been capable of confirm with paperwork. A gaggle of pro-Palestinian associations, the Solidarity Network towards the Palestinian Occupation, maintains that the vacation spot of those weapons is Israel and asks the Spanish Government to forestall it from setting sail for that nation when it stops in Cartagena. But the Executive has responded that the knowledge is “false” and that the ship is definitely heading to the Czech Republic.

Minister Puente confirmed this on Wednesday by displaying on the social community X the transit authorization of the ship, the place the Czech Republic seems as the ultimate vacation spot. EL PAÍS has additionally had entry to the certificates issued by the Czech Government, which states that these weapons shall be used “solely for security tasks in the Czech Republic.”

Certificate issued by the Czech Republic on which the Spanish Government relies to maintain that that country is the final destination of the cargo of the Borkum ship.
Certificate issued by the Czech Republic on which the Spanish Government depends to keep up that that nation is the ultimate vacation spot of the cargo of the Borkum ship.

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