The United States redoubles sanctions towards Nicaragua and criticizes its alliance with Russia | EUROtoday

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The administration of Joe Biden has redoubled its arsenal of sanctions towards the Sandinista revolution, which incorporates the Training Center of the Russian Ministry of the Interior in Managua (CCR). The authorities of Daniel Ortega is among the nice allies of Vladimir Putin within the Americas, together with Venezuela y Cuba.

For the US Treasury Department, the CCR is a Russian subdivision that trains brokers of the Nicaraguan dictatorship “under the oppression manual of the Russian authoritarian government.” It is a “key entity in the repression of civil society and in the unjust arrest and detention of individuals for expressing their opposition or for simply exercising, peacefully, their human rights and fundamental freedoms,” the Treasury Department credited.

Washington believes that this coaching heart has carried out “brutal repressive tactics” and has skilled the National Police to redouble the “tyrannical persecution” and thus hold the presidential couple in energy.

“The US deals a hard blow to the repressive alliance of the Police and Russia. It also deals a millionaire blow to the corrupt blood gold market,” the diplomat reacted. Arturo McFields.

The National Police, which was already sanctioned by the US, is taken into account by the Biden authorities because the creator of “extrajudicial executions”, along with utilizing reside ammunition towards peaceable protesters and directing “death squads.”

The new spherical of sanctions additionally impacts authorities officers, police, judges, prosecutors and jailers, together with their kinfolk, at the least 250, for supporting assaults on human rights. All of them have been Restricted visas to journey to the United States.

The sanctions are additionally directed towards the unlawful immigration business, that encourages “irregular and dangerous” journeys to the Ro Bravo border. The Sandinista chief is blamed for profiting from “desperate and vulnerable migrants, to whom he sells visas.”

Others sanctioned are the International Mining Company and Capital Mining Investment Nicaragua, mining firms linked to the regime that commerce in gold (the principle single export product) and that generate earnings for the dictatorship. “They want to cut off the economic resources that the dictatorship is receiving, where the Minister of Energy and Mines is in control,” added the opponent. Juan Sebastin Chamorro.