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” VS'is the season of karma returning for Morgane. » Thus Alice Chegaray-Breugnot, the creator and screenwriter of HPIshe announces the color – always guaranteed to be as flashy – of 4e chapter of the phenomenon series, which opens this Thursday, May 16 on TF1. The time of reckoning has indeed come for the Lille police consultant, whose prodigious IQ (and fitted wardrobe) comes up against a personal, even romantic, equation involving three unknowns, when paying the bill – salty – of his accumulated escapades.

Because the redhead investigator learned of her pregnancy in the cliffhanger of last season. But she does not know the identity of the father of her future child (the 4e !), having more or less fooled around with Brigadier Timothée (Jeremy Lewin), the repentant thug David (Doudou Masta) and, in a delirium under LSD, with Commander Karadec (Mehdi Nebbou), his “super chicken”.

READ ALSO “HPI”: the little secrets of Mehdi Nebbou, Audrey Fleurot’s partnerThe arduous resolution of this sentimental problem runs through these eight delightful episodes, which disconnected the autopilot of season 3, to reinvent itself. They owe this tour de force to the staging which multiplies the visual discoveries, but also and above all to the imagination of the authors, decidedly well inspired when it comes to slipping large stones into the wedge (and sequined) heels of their heroine.

“The challenge is to put Morgane in eternal embarrassment,” said her interpreter Audrey Fleurot, during the last Séries Mania Festival, in Lille, last March. We want to watch her struggle, to see how she will manage to get out of it. Each time she manages to get out of a complicated situation, she must find a new way to hinder her. » Bet accepted!

Morgane is up to her neck in trouble…

In this season 4, Morgane Alvaro has a series of disappointments. Personal, first. Despite the demands of her two eldest children, anxious to recover the alimony to keep the family pot boiling, she is reluctant to confront the three potential parents of her baby, who are not really well disposed towards her. The fault lies in a serious romantic hangover after overindulging in his homemade cocktail, uninhibited sass and patent selfishness. Result: her meager attempts at honesty are nipped in the bud, as are her hilarious attempts to fit into her favorite leopard leggings, which have become too tight for her new curves.

Things aren't much better on the work front. Not that her pregnancy prevents the ex-housekeeper from investigating. After all, and as Audrey Fleurot points out: “She’s a kind of superhero who doesn’t have time to feel nauseous. » But Karadec, who gives him the cold shoulder, leaves the ship for the financial brigade. A hard blow for her, even if the new group leader (Thomas Scimeca, seen in The torch) shares his contempt for conventions. Because, on the other hand, he seems less inclined to pool the laurels, even though they have been won by the sole force of his hormone-boosted neurons.

Morgane, who does not appreciate tasting her own medicine, therefore plans to change her behavior to rebalance the cosmic scales in her favor. And in the absence of a “super chicken”, it is with a pigeon (yes, you read correctly!), a sort of feathered Jiminy Cricket, that she will coo to guide her towards the path to redemption. Or almost. Because the consultant, reluctant to become the joker, of course expects a return on investment: “She is forced to re-consider her relationship with the world and with others because a lot of problems happen to her. It's pragmatic. If she therefore changes her behavior a little, she remains in the account, tempers Audrey Fleurot. When she does a good deed, she is there to see if things improve. It is in his deep nature. »

Something new, while respecting the fundamentals

And this is undoubtedly what explains her success: “Do we really want Morgane to become a better person? She also amuses us because she is unabashed and fundamentally selfish. We don’t want it to change too much,” confirms Alice Chegaray-Breugnot, the screenwriter. Still, to avoid getting bored, it's about continuing to surprise, while retaining the supercharged DNA of the series.

Tradition obliges, this new version therefore opens with a crazy pre-credits sequence. After the frenzied choreography of season 1, the P-style shopping sessionretty woman of season 2, and the pop-rock pool party of season 3, fans will delight in a clip tribute to 1990s sitcoms, like Madame is served, particularly successful. Special mention to the look and wigs department, which brought out its most beautiful pastiches for the occasion.

Another pillar of the series: punchlines delivered every kilometer and between two bubbles of chewing gum by an overexcited Audrey Fleurot, ever more inventive mental projections, and irresistible scenes of comedy, including a chase in a zoo called to become cult.

READ ALSO “HPI”: the French sequence, export championBut season 4 additionally gives a number of sideways steps, off the overwhelmed observe of police comedy. One episode takes Morgane and Karadec on an astonishing journey by way of time, whereas one other sends them on a highway journey to Brittany to go to the commander's household.

One final miracle earlier than the tip of HPI

Will Morgane achieve paying her money owed to her vengeful karma? Nothing is much less sure. But the stability sheet is constructive for this season 4 of HPI, which reconnects with the inventiveness of the beginnings and gives leisure, not moralizing for 2 cents, with welcome cathartic virtues.

As the final two episodes haven’t but been filmed, it is going to be broadcast in two phases: the primary 4 opuses from this Thursday, May 16 (one per night), the opposite 4 initially of the college yr. A approach to extend the pleasure earlier than definitive weaning: “I think it’s nice to leave before we tire people, even if it’s going to be hard,” admitted Audrey Fleurot. First of all, I'm going to have a tough time discovering a personality who conjures up me a lot. »

But earlier than leaving Morgane, the actress want to see her carry out one final miracle: “I would love her to invent a household mannequin that we’ve got not been capable of finding. I don't want him the usual, as a result of we all know that the usual doesn't work. She has an IQ of 160, that should be helpful for one thing! »