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The scenario stays very tense on Thursday in New Caledonia. Emmanuel Macron should chair a gathering adopted by an change with elected officers. The military was deployed within the territory, after the riots between the separatists and the loyalists left 5 useless, together with two gendarmes, in three days. Two hundred rioters have already been arrested.

The govt in battle order. Emmanuel Macron will chair, Thursday, May 16, a follow-up assembly on New Caledonia, the place the State hopes to regain management of the scenario “in the coming hours”, mentioned the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, at finish of a 3rd evening of violence within the Pacific archipelago.

The head of state, who selected Wednesday to declare a state of emergency within the abroad neighborhood after the demise of 5 individuals together with two gendarmes, additionally proposed to Caledonian elected officers an change by videoconference on Thursday, in useless. The latter was canceled as a result of native elected officers “do not want to dialogue with each other”, specified the Élysée. Emmanuel Macron's journey to Flamanville has additionally been postponed.

The police and gendarmerie needed to take care of a number of thousand rioters in the course of the evening from Wednesday to Thursday, mentioned the High Commissioner of the Republic in New Caledonia. A second gendarme was killed Thursday morning following an “accidental shooting”, introduced the Minister of the Interior. In his message, the minister, who expresses his “great sadness”, explains that in keeping with “the first elements, the death would result from injuries generated by an accidental shot, while the gendarmes were engaged to ensure a security mission “.

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“Since the declaration of the state of emergency, the arrival of reinforcements, (…) [les appels au calme]I believe that we are on the path to restoring public peace in New Caledonia”, assured Gérald Darmanin on France 2. The Minister of the Interior announced the arrest by the police of the person responsible for the death of two young Kanaks the day before.

In three towns on the island, the gendarmerie was confronted last night with a large number of rioters, “around 5,000 and in the town of Nouméa, between 3,000 and 4,000”, said the High Commissioner of the Republic to New Caledonia, Louis Le Franc, during a press conference. A thousand additional internal security forces are being deployed in New Caledonia, where the situation “remains very tense”, said Gabriel Attal on Thursday after the meeting of a new defense council at the 'Elysium.

Two hundred rioters were arrested and 64 gendarmes and police officers were injured, he said. The state of emergency, decreed by the Council of Ministers on Wednesday in Paris for an initial duration of twelve days, came into force on Thursday at 5:00 a.m. The social network TikTok has been banned on the island.

Wild roadblocks and destruction of businesses

Yoan Fleurot, a resident of Nouméa, told Reuters via the Zoom app that he had witnessed looting and destruction. Some merchants let the looters do their thing, asking them not to destroy their businesses, he said.

Blockades line the main roads, making travel difficult. “As a Caledonian, I no longer know my country now,” mentioned Yoan Fleurot. “Caledonia will have difficulty recovering from this crisis. (…) Everything, 80% is destroyed.”

Louis Le Franc defined that wild blockades had been established on the primary and secondary roads of the Greater Nouméa conurbation and that a few of them had been trapped with fuel cylinders and ignition methods.

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“I am putting on notice those who are at the head of the CCAT (Cell for coordinating actions on the ground) to stop these actions, which are murderous, deadly actions, which can cause families to bereaved,” he said. . The High Commissioner of the Republic added that confrontations between active members of the CCAT and self-defense groups had taken place.

“We appeal for calm,” he said. “I ask them all to respect the curfew. To respect the ban on carrying weapons, transporting weapons and gathering in the Nouméa metropolitan area.”

Louis Le Franc said the destruction caused by the riots was “appreciable” and that he believed it could represent “tons of of thousands and thousands of euros” in damage.

Ten house arrests were issued by the Ministry of the Interior against CCAT leaders, said Gérald Darmanin, describing the organization as “mafia” and “violent”. Around twenty others should be pronounced during the day and administrative searches will take place under the state of emergency, he said.

Azerbaijan's accusations of interference

Gérald Darmanin additionally accused Azerbaijan on Thursday of interference within the riots in New Caledonia. Asked about the potential of involvement of this nation, however of Russia and China, the minister replied on France 2: “On Azerbaijan, it is not a fantasy, it is a reality”, regretting “that some of the Caledonian separatists made a deal with Azerbaijan”.

Azerbaijan instantly denounced the “unfounded” accusations of interference, seeing them as “insulting” remarks.

During this time, Nouméa airport stays closed to industrial flights and the inhabitants is requested to restrict their journey to what’s strictly vital, the press launch specifies. The violence is fueled by the proposed constitutional reform geared toward extending the electoral physique, frozen because the Nouméa settlement of 1998, to individuals residing for ten years within the archipelago.

The textual content, authorized by the National Assembly on the evening of Tuesday to Wednesday, should now be submitted for approval to the parliamentarians assembly in Congress, which Emmanuel Macron has undertaken to convene on the finish of subsequent month in absence of a broader political settlement between the New Caledonian events.

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