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When adults revisit the beloved kids’s classics of their youth, they typically uncover hidden layers starting from cheeky humour to darker undertones.

This was exactly the case for social media sensation Rob Anderson, who skilled what to him appeared a startling revelation upon rewatching the 1994 animated rendition of Hans Christian Andersen’s “Thumbelina”.

The story charts the adventures of a tiny woman, no larger than a thumb, as she navigates a world stuffed with wishes for connection and love with somebody her dimension. In this enchanting story of fairy-tale love, Thumbelina’s life takes a dramatic flip when she encounters Cornelius, the fairy prince, and falls deeply in love.

Yet her journey is fraught with sudden detours: she’s kidnapped by toads, pursued by unsavoury bugs, and almost coerced into marrying a mole.

At first look, it seems to be a typical kids’s narrative of a damsel in misery. But Rob has unearthed an outlandish idea that there is a message lurking inside the movie, suggesting it serves as a grim cautionary story about human trafficking.

In a viral video amassing greater than 640,000 likes, he asserts: “We need to talk about Thumbelina. This animated movie where a tiny girl is trafficked.”

He elaborates on how Thumbelina’s encounter with the prince comes after her eager for somebody her stature.

Yet, the plot thickens when her singing captures the eye of others. He questions: “The Spanish frogs like her singing voice, so they abduct her while she’s sleeping. Did this frog family traffic her into the entertainment industry and this is how they get her to comply?”

He then confirmed a clip of the mom frog forcing Thumbelina to carry out by stepping on her foot. Luckily, she manages to flee the frogs, however her troubles are removed from over.

Rob continued: “She gets away on a lily pad, which is the only way to escape frogs, and she runs into this beetle. He wants her to perform at the Beetle Ball, so he kidnaps her.”

“This girl cannot catch a break from all the trafficking. The Beetle Ball is a massive event. They dress her up as a beetle to sing for everyone, but then her costume gets knocked off. So then the audience starts calling her disgusting and then they start body shaming her and they beat her with a stick.”

Could it get any worse? Well, earlier than her prince can discover her once more, she is nearly compelled into marrying a mole as a result of Mrs Field Mouse believes she will be able to entertain him along with her singing.

Rob continued along with his bonkers idea, including: “Thumbelina somehow ends up underground, where she is forced to perform for moles, constantly making her perform under duress. What kind of conservatorship is this? Then she’s forced to marry the mole! “.

And he wasn’t alone in his observations, as many different TikTok customers agreed within the feedback. One consumer mentioned: “The ‘marry the mole’ song HAUNTS me to this day.”

Another added: “Thumbelina was one of my childhood favs why would you do this,” whereas a 3rd wrote: “This movie felt like a fever dream.”

However, some customers remained sceptical, suggesting that Rob was “overthinking it.”

Warner Bros. has been contacted for remark.