The bullfighting sector celebrates International Bullfighting Day with “a message of freedom” | EUROtoday

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The bullfighting sector celebrates its first International Bullfighting Day this Thursday, “like the rest of cultural expressions, which have a special day marked on the calendar for their celebration.”

In a press release, the Toro de Lidia Foundation recalled that “on May 16, 1920, the Bailaor bull ended the life of José Gómez Ortega, Joselito el Gallo, also known as the 'King of bullfighters', “a persona that embodies the excellence and values ​​of bullfighting tradition, a date that has since been remembered yearly with devotion by bullfighting followers all over the world.”

The first International Bullfighting Day is celebrated throughout Spain by local associations that have prepared a multitude of activities. This afternoon it will take place in the Monumental of Barcelona an act of tribute to the bullfighting fans of Catalonia where the president of the FTL, Victorino Martín, will be present; and the vice president, Fernando Gom. Also in Las Ventas, which continues with its San Isidro Fair with the 'No tickets' sign hanging, the square has been decorated to celebrate this day.

From the Toro de Lidia Foundation we need to ship a message of freedom. Freedom to go to the bullfights and luxuriate in one of many traditions most deeply rooted in our tradition. Freedom so that each one of us who love and reside this excellent spectacle all through the planet can manifest and have fun it, united and in neighborhood,” the entity concluded.