Valérie Hayer in Les Sables-d'Olonne assembly fishermen, Raphaël Glucksmann presents his doctrine for “building the Europe of 2030” | EUROtoday

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Raphaël Glucksmann presents his doctrine for “building the Europe of 2030”

In a column printed Thursday on the web site of the Great Continentthe top of the listing of the Socialist Party and Place publique particulars his proposals in an effort to “building the Europe of 2030”. Like Emmanuel Macron who estimated that “Europe is mortal” throughout his second speech on the Sorbonne, Raphaël Glucksmann dramatizes in his textual content the problems of the upcoming election.

“There are moments in History when the destiny of peoples changes, moments which elevate civilizations or precipitate them into the abyss. We are experiencing one of these decisive moments in Europe in 2024”he affirms, evoking “the war on our continent”, “climate collapse”, “the social crisis”, “the rejection of institutions” or “the far-right wave that is sweeping our nations”.

Positioning your self as a “realistic”and never a “utopian” or one “idealist”Raphaël Glucksmann needs in his program “assume confrontation with authoritarian regimes which treat our nations like mops, get away from fossil fuels which enslave us, break with the religion of free trade which weakens us and fight against the explosion of inequalities which weaken our democracies”. “This is what is realistic in 2024”he argues on this lengthy programmatic textual content.

Among his greater than 300 proposals, the MEP, elected for the primary time in 2019, believes that his “first priority” is of “give Europe the means to defend itself”. “What would happen if Donald Trump were elected President of the United States on November 5, 2024? Europe would find itself alone”, he envisions. In specific, he desires the institution of a “defense fund of one hundred billion euros, financed by a new European loan”like what was finished in the course of the Covid-19 well being disaster.

He additionally advocates a strengthening of “European sovereignty” in industrial, agricultural, digital and well being sectors. “We will implement a “Made in Europe” technique geared toward repatriating essentially the most strategic manufacturing to our soil and securing crucial provide chains”, he guarantees particularly. On the ecological transition, he additionally needs to advocate ” sobriety “ that he sees as “an essential instrument of sovereignty for Europe” And “an instrument of social justice because it supposes once again setting some limits to the exuberance of the powerful”.

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As for the working guidelines of the European Union, Raphaël Glucksmann reaffirms his want to put an finish to unanimity in choices taken by the United States whereas passing “by qualified majority within the Council”. He additionally needs “strengthen the prerogatives of the European Parliament by giving it legislative initiative and the right to raise taxes”.