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Israel denies committing genocide in Gaza and reiterates that it should destroy Hamas operations middle in Rafah

Israel denied this Friday earlier than the United Nations International Court of Justice (ICJ) that it’s committing genocide in Gaza. What is going on there’s “a tragic ongoing war, not a genocide,” he maintains. And he provides that Hamas has an operations middle in Rafah with a community of tunnels that reaches Egypt, and that it should be destroyed. “Only in this way can Palestinian civilians be freed from the terrorists who use them as human shields,” stated Gilad Noam, Israeli deputy prosecutor for worldwide regulation affairs.

Israel has intervened in its flip of allegations after South Africa requested the ICJ this Thursday for extra and emergency precautionary measures to stop a genocide in Rafah, the town in southern Gaza the place greater than 1,000,000 Palestinians fleeing from different components of Gaza are crowded. the perimeter. South Africa calls it “the last refuge for Palestinians who may be completely destroyed.”

The Israeli response is totally different. He considers that South Africa “supports Hamas” when it asks the Jewish State to withdraw from Rafah. “Israel has not started this war and is only exercising its right to defend itself without any genocidal intent,” Noam said. “If Hamas releases the Israeli hostages there will be an immediate ceasefire,” he stated.

Since South Africa went to the ICJ in 2023 alleging that there’s genocidal intent in Israel's actions in Gaza, the Government of Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected that accusation. “Hamas has been hiding the real numbers of civilian victims of this armed conflict – especially women and children – when many were Islamist militants,” stated prosecutor Noam. He has additionally advised the ICJ that “possible illegal acts committed by Israeli soldiers [contra los gazatíes] They are an exceptional fact.” “They do not show a political pattern of illegal behavior.”

Israel has repeated earlier than worldwide judges that it “allows the arrival of humanitarian aid to Gaza, and facilitates the entry of Gazan trucks onto Israeli soil to load these humanitarian shipments.” On the opposite hand, it makes “an extraordinary effort to ensure that aid reaches the Palestinians,” within the phrases of Tamar Kaplan Tourgeman, an advisor to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “This war is tragic and causes great suffering to both sides, but it is Hamas' fault,” she concluded. Since Israel took the Rafah crossing on May 7, the opposite entrances to the enclave have been closed or are inoperative, based on the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

After rejecting that South Africa's demand has a authorized foundation, the Israeli delegation has requested the ICJ to not order its withdrawal from Gaza as a result of “there are more than 100 Israelis held captive by Hamas,” and since a withdrawal would strip Israel of its rights below the worldwide legal guidelines.

At the tip of Israel's presentation, cries of “Liars, liars” have been heard coming from the general public gallery within the TIJ listening to room. The video broadcast of the session was interrupted for a number of seconds, and delegate Kaplan Tourgeman concluded her intervention.