‘I’m an American residing within the UK, British homes are bizarre for 5 causes’ | UK | News | EUROtoday

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An American residing within the UK has listed the entire issues that she finds bizarre about British houses.

Helene Sula, a journey blogger, took to TikTookay to share issues about her home within the UK which are continuously complicated her.

She stated most of the staples in British houses would baffle most different Americans too, giving the highest 5 weirdest issues in UK houses.

Number one was separate faucets for cold and hot water, with Helene saying they pressure you to “theatrically wave your hands back and forth to get the right temperature” relatively than have simply scalding scorching or freezing chilly.

In American houses (as in lots of fashionable UK houses) it’s extra frequent to have one faucet that pours and mixes each cold and hot.

Her subsequent grievance was with glass bathe panels which she feels are there “essentially as a joke”, as they don’t cease water from “flooding the bathroom”.

Helene went on to say it was odd that in Britain it’s a must to change on sockets for them to work, relatively than them all the time being on with no change.

She reminded Americans within the UK that “(their) electronics aren’t actually broken”, the socket is simply off.

American sockets don’t have any switches and plugs solely have two prongs, a system considerably much less secure than the UK system.

Next got here water stress, which Helene declared was “super high”, saying each time she washes dishes she finally ends up with a soaked T-shirt.

The blogger additionally stated that UK houses don’t look the way in which Americans count on them to, saying they aren’t fairytale cottages however usually tend to seem like Privet Drive from Harry Potter.

The house of Harry Potter’s aunt and uncle is a indifferent house in a small residential space, with Helene saying UK houses typically share partitions which suggests “you might just hear your neighbour breathing”.

Helene’s video obtained greater than 5.4million views, 330,000 likes, and virtually 4,000 feedback. Many customers had been American, agreeing with Helene.

One commenter stated: “Everything just seems so impractical.” To which Brits reminded them that many of those measures are for security, house, or as a result of age of the home.

Many Americans additionally famous that British houses don’t have air con and expressed shock about Brits protecting washing machines within the kitchen, relatively than a laundry room.