Israel recovers the our bodies of three Hamas hostages in Gaza, together with that of the German-Israeli Shani Louk | EUROtoday

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After the quite a few rumors that unfold by social networks in Israel, the Army spokesman, Daniel Hagariconfirmed this Friday afternoon that its forces discovered within the Gaza Strip the our bodies of three folks (two girls aged 23 and 28 and a person aged 57) kidnapped by the fundamentalist group Hamas in its assault on October 7.

“The corpses of Amit Buskila, Itzhak Gelernter and Shani Louk were rescued last night in a special operation by the Army and the Shabak (internal security service)”, Hagari reported in a particular intervention earlier than the tv cameras.

As he mentioned, “Itzhak, Shani and Amit They were at the Nova music festival in Reim and they fled to the intersection of Mefalsim. “According to the confirmed and verified Intelligence data now we have, they have been cruelly murdered there by terrorists who took their our bodies to the Gaza Strip.”

Hagari has not given details about the location of the discovery, limiting himself to saying that special units of the Army y Shabak They carried out the operation. The information that allowed them to find their bodies came, among other sources, from Palestinians detained in the Israeli military offensive in the Gaza Strip. The operation to return their bodies was approved by the Israeli War Cabinet a few days ago.

In this way, Hamas today has 129 kidnapped people in its hands., among whom 39 are dead, according to the official Israeli count. Except for four (two young people with mental problems who crossed the border and arrived in Gaza in recent years and the bodies of two soldiers killed in the 2014 war), the rest of the hostages were kidnapped by Hamas, other militias and civilians in the massive armed infiltration 224 days ago that ended the Murder of 1,200 people and kidnapping of another 250 in southern Israel. More than a hundred were released by Hamas under the one-week truce agreement in late November before the devastating military offensive in the Gaza Strip resumed.

Young Israeli-German

The death of Louk, a young Israeli-German woman, was confirmed at the end of October. The last images of her in the back of a truck being spit on and beaten by gazates went viral and symbolized the massacre at the huge Nova party complex where more than 360 people were murdered.

“This morning they knowledgeable us that the commando troopers discovered the our bodies. We are sorry and it hurts, however there may be aid,” reacted her father Nissim, who had known for months that she was dead but at least he will be able to bury her this Sunday. “Shani was all the time a light-weight in each his life and loss of life“, go.

The shock and pain of the other two families is greater because, unlike the Louks, they still had hope that they were alive. A week ago, Gelernter's family celebrated the 57th anniversary. “We didn't know something about his scenario. We had an exquisite father who we liked very a lot. With quite a lot of humor and intelligence,” commented his daughter Yarden, who reveals that on Friday several representatives of the army went to his house to inform them of what hours later he learned. rest of the pass. Her father went to the Nova music festival with a friend who was also murdered.

The Army informed the families of two kidnapped Thai citizens, Sonthaya Oakkharasr and Sudthisak Rinthalak, who were murdered near Kibbutz Beeri on October 7. On this date, according to Hagari, Hamas “brutally murdered 39 Thais and kidnapped 31.”

Hearing in The Hague

In the second and last public hearing of the ICJ meeting this Friday in The Hague at the request of Pretoria to take additional emergency precautionary measures to avoid what it considers “genocide” Faced with an eventual large-scale offensive in Rafah, Israel affirmed that it is an “epicenter of Hamas terrorist exercise” either due to the launch of projectiles from there, the presence of militiamen and the tunnels they can use to escape or take hostages. to Sinai.

South Africa had warned this Thursday about the attack against “the final refuge for Palestinians” in reference to Rafah where more than a million displaced people were located. He also denounced that the operation reduced “many of the Gaza Strip to rubble.”

“There is a tragic conflict occurring however there is no such thing as a genocide,” replied Israel's deputy attorney general for international law. Gilead Noamto add: “A rustic that plans to hold out a genocide wouldn’t have taken all of the measures that Israel took to scale back the hurt to civilians and wouldn’t have delayed the raid on Rafah for weeks to permit the departure of civilians. Israel clarified that if the kidnapped are freed and Hamas lays down its weapons, the conflict will probably be over.”

Regarding the case opened by the complaint in The Hague, he lamented that it is “a mockery and obscene exploitation of essentially the most sacred conference.”

“South Africa introduced an image fully reverse to the information and circumstances. The reality have to be instructed, the phrases should dwell as much as their which means. Repeatedly calling one thing genocide doesn’t make it genocide. Repeating a lie doesn’t turn out to be the reality,” Noam declared, in an intervention in which he noted that “at some point after he appealed to the Court to order measures, South Africa hosted a Hamas delegation in Johannesburg.” According to him, the Pretoria's hidden objective is to help Hamas so that it is not defeated and can continue to control the Gaza Strip. The Foreign Ministry went further and from Jerusalem accuses it of being “the authorized arm of Hamas' murderers and rapists.”

In mid-January, the ICJ did not order a stop to the war as South Africa had requested, but neither did it dismiss the case, demanding that the Israeli authorities “take all measures” to prevent a genocide in the Gaza Strip. Although the case may take years to be sentenced, the fact that Israel is placed in the dock in an international court is considered a victory by the Palestinian leadership and the movements that promote its boycott.