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Business Lukas Köhler

“Fossil dogma” – FDP politician needs to abolish the eight-hour day

As a rule, working hours may not exceed eight hours per day As a rule, working hours may not exceed eight hours per day

As a rule, working hours could not exceed eight hours per day

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According to FDP parliamentary group deputy Lukas Köhler, the eight-hour day is a relic from the previous. Hardly anybody sticks to this “dogma”, particularly when working from residence. The politician advocates extra versatile working hours.

FDP parliamentary group deputy Lukas Köhler has spoken out in favor of abolishing the eight-hour working day. “We should abolish the maximum daily working hours and only set a maximum weekly working time,” stated Köhler to the editorial community Germany (RND). “To do this, we would have to modernize the Working Hours Act accordingly,” added Köhler.

The eight-hour day is “a fossilized dogma from a time when fear of exploitation was massive. But the times have changed. The Working Hours Act comes from a world in which there was no home office. Hardly anyone sticks to this eight-hour dogma in their working day anymore.”

Köhler instructed that such openings would initially be conceivable for sectors with robust collective agreements, such because the chemical trade, the postal and parcel market and the logistics sector. This can be conceivable within the IT trade and different skilled fields with residence workplace choices. The adjustments would speed up the financial turnaround.

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Paragraph 3 of the Working Hours Act stipulates that working hours on a working day could not typically exceed eight hours. Under sure circumstances, working hours will be prolonged as much as ten hours.

Köhler additionally advocated stress-free the legally required breaks and relaxation instances. “We should no longer impose rigid regulations,” stated the FDP politician. Many folks have been already working by way of their lunch break so they might go residence earlier. Others sat down in entrance of the pc once more later within the night in order that they might go to the playground with their kids within the afternoon.

“Of course they don’t have eleven more hours until they’re back in the office the next day. Many people are actually breaking the working time law because it makes their lives more relaxed. This flexibility should no longer be illegal,” stated Köhler. One may additionally take into consideration stress-free the authorized most restrict for weekly working hours, which is at the moment 48 hours.