Jim Ratcliffe scolds Tories as ‘Brexit in charge for election loss’ | Politics | News | EUROtoday

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Billionaire businessman Sir Jim Ratcliffe has scolded the Conservative Party over its dealing with of the economic system and immigration after Brexit.

He stated the UK leaving the EU, which “didn’t turn out how people anticipated”, can be in charge for “a change of Government” on the subsequent General Election.

The outstanding Brexiteer stated: “Brexit, unfortunately, didn’t turn out how people anticipated. Brexit was largely about immigration – that was the biggest component of that vote.

“People were getting fed up of the influx of – the city of Southampton coming in every year, I think last year it was two times Southampton.

“A small island like the UK can’t cope with vast numbers of people coming into the UK – it just overburdens the National Health Service, the traffic service, the police.

“The country was designed for 55 or 60 million people and we’ve got 70 million people, and all the services break down as a consequence.

“That’s what Brexit was all about and nobody has implemented that, they just keep talking about it but nothing has been done, which is why I think we’ll finish up with a change of Government, to be honest.”

Sir Jim, founding father of petrochemicals big INEOS, spent final weekend with Labour chief Sir Keir Starmer at Manchester United – the soccer membership he now runs as minority proprietor.

The entrepreneur, 71, stated: “I’m sure Keir will do a very good job at running the country – I have no questions about that.”

Pressed on whether or not his firm would donate to Labour, Sir Jim stated: “We’re apolitical at Ineos, we just want a successful manufacturing sector in the UK.

“We’ll talk to either Government about that.”

Defence Secretary Grant Shapps dismissed the criticism by insisting the Conservatives weren’t doomed to defeat.

Mr Shapps highlighted how Theresa May misplaced her majority in 2017 regardless of polls giving her a 20-point lead through the marketing campaign.

Asked about Sir Jim’s views, Mr Shapps stated “I actually think he’s wrong.

“One of his complaints was on immigration, not recognizing that a large amount of the immigration last year came from, for example, Ukrainians coming here – and I had a family live with me.

“They were very welcome in this country. Same with British nationals from Hong Kong.

“So I thought there were very good reasons why, you know, this country being generous has done those sorts of things.”