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Several hundred individuals exhibit in Madrid in opposition to “fascism”

Several hundred individuals demonstrated this Sunday within the heart of Madrid, underneath the slogan All Columbus in opposition to fascism, coinciding with the conference organized by Vox Europa Viva 24, which brings collectively worldwide leaders of the acute proper in Madrid.

This demonstration has been known as by completely different social entities after studying that Madrid would convey collectively political representatives this weekend such because the president of the Argentine Republic, Javier Milei; Israel's Minister of Diaspora Affairs, Amichai Chikli; or the deputy of the National Assembly of France and candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Marine Le Pen, amongst others.

As a protest, the demonstration, which came about between Plaza de Colón and Nuevos Ministerios, included the participation of Franek Broda, a distinguished activist within the LGBTIQ+ neighborhood and nephew of former Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who has additionally gone to Europe. He lives 24. “My uncle is in Vistalegre and I am here to tell him and his friends on the extreme right that we are going to beat them in the European elections on June 9,” Broda highlighted.

The occasion was attended by Podemos's candidate for the European elections, Irene Montero, and the get together's spokesperson Isa Serra. “It deeply saddens me and I find it shameful that the misgivings of the big Spanish business community have remained in the same place as women, that is, nowhere,” Montero highlighted.

“I think that none of these companies should, after 8M or LGTBI pride day, put on a purple ribbon or a collective flag, because in the end what they are doing is washing the face of Milei, not just a sinister character, but rather a character who does not believe in social justice or feminist rights or LGTBI rights,” added the candidate for the European elections.

“When we knew that the best of each house was coming, the best of the ultra movements on the planet, we decided to start organizing ourselves and this call has been growing almost organically,” defined, for her half, Patricia Martín, Avaaz campaigns director. , an American group that defends civil rights, along with highlighting the significance of the European elections. (EFE)