the police “regained control” of the Nouméa airport street | EUROtoday

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“We are far from a return to appeasement,” says the mayor of Nouméa, Sonia Lagarde

The scenario in New Caledonia is “far from a return to appeasement”mentioned Sonia Lagarde, the mayor of Nouméa, on Saturday. “The last two nights, we can say that they were calmer, on the other hand, the days are similar, with their share of fires”declared the elected official (Renaissance) of the ” capital city “ Caledonian, interviewed by BFM-TV.

“As I speak to you, there are barricades which have been set up in an eastern district of the city of Nouméa, which are being held (…) by the separatists »she continued, assuring that the situation was not improving, “quite the contrary, despite all the calls for appeasement”.

Asked in regards to the quantity of injury, the mayor of Nouméa estimated that she was within the“impossibility” to encrypt them. “There are lots of municipal structures that have burned, media libraries, schools”, she recalled. According to native estimates, the quantity of injury reached 200 million euros on Thursday.

“When I see all this damage, (…) private property or public property going up in smoke is desolation”M was movedme Lagarde, talking of a “infinite sadness”.