Danny Ocean: “I'm not afraid to expose myself, I'm real” | EUROtoday

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The black evening glasses that protect the gaze of Danny Ocean They match the type of their new album, Reflex: “It's pop from the future, quite electronic,” he factors out. The accent prevents us from distinguishing whether or not his gaze is averted, honest, crucial or remorseful. However, the singer claims that his extreme publicity doesn’t hassle him: “I'm not afraid, I'm real“.

The reggaeton of the final decade erupted by the hands of the Venezuelan composer and his success Me rehsowhat It shattered all expectations by surpassing one billion views on Spotify. His presence within the highlight has fluctuated over time, however the producer assumes the profession peaks like pure currents that solely time determines: “As long as I have the possibility of living off what I like, I will be happy,” he provides.

The renown it has acquired Ocean Since then he has coated his path within the trade with velvets and privileges. He has collaborated with excessive caliber artists equivalent to Alejandro Sanzwith which he composed roadrunnerthe track with which he entered for the primary time in his profession within the checklist of nominees for a Latin Grammy for Best Recording of the Year 2023. “At that time, whether the song came out or not, being able to have shared the experience with Alejandro was the most beautiful thing. With that alone I won,” he says. Danny Ocean.

On this event, the 12 themes that make up this new album revisit the dance sound and harmonious that characterizes his music. The artist, Daniel Alejandro Morales Reyes, performs with the 2 languages ​​he is aware of finest, English and Spanish, on condition that he grew up straddling these two cultures. “East cool mingle“, he determines. “I like that, no matter how different we are worldwide, there are many things that unite us,” he attributes.

In his new compositions, the Venezuelan explores ideas equivalent to spite waves bodily and emotional boundaries that forestall an individual from dwelling in freedom. “We all experience many similar things and sometimes we don't dare to say it,” she describes. Furthermore, the heartbreaking feeling that the state of affairs in her nation produces in him, Venezuela, take in all its letters. But decompression appears to ease his burden: “In the end, we all go through the same thing.”

The artist habitually takes up the state of affairs in his homeland as a supply of primary inspiration. “Many of my lyrics talk about my country,” he emphasizes. He additionally emphasizes the exhaustion which causes him, in addition to different compatriots who’ve been pressured to to migrate to different locations, the political state of affairs that the Land of Grace goes via. “We want to return, we are tired of not being able to see our families. All we want is to have light,” she says.

Ocean states that via music we will categorical grief within the face of pissed off freedom or emotional instability that’s generated when one other particular person performs with our coronary heart: “It is to give these messages and make people feel identified with those struggles that we all have.” , he signifies. But not all of us face the battle in the identical method, he’s conscious: “I say what I think and if you like it good and if not also“he concludes. Although he appears assured, Danny Ocean He admits that he doesn't all the time play it protected and that typically he even navigates with out route: “I doubt many things I do, sometimes I'm not in the right place.” peak of my security. But that's regular,” admits the singer-songwriter. According to him, the real challenge is “to beat ourselves.”

In general termsReflex addresses a range of issues related to different versions of love: self-love, romantic love, or even love for one's country. “It goes past what one actually feels: it's about perceiving the love that your buddy is experiencing, the best way you related with that film, the best way you’re feeling about what you skilled in a rustic,” he clarifies.

The musician started composing in the middle of a tour; From his point of view, writing on the road is not so simple. “Your thoughts is break up in two as a result of Being within the studio just isn’t the identical as being on stage.“, he clarifies. To achieve the final result he had to carefully link each link: “Putting the themes of their place was the actual problem.”

Sometimes life takes us down paths that are far from what we want. through The universal law, Morales invokes serenity: “What is for you, is for you and based mostly on that it’s important to be affected person,” he describes. However, the conception of destiny that the horoscope has popularized does not seduce him too much: “I don't consider within the horoscope, however there are lots of issues that I respect. The horoscope is a common language“, he designates. Taurus and Pisces is a theme that flirts with the patterns of love that originate from the signs of the zodiac and explores the idea of ​​fated romances.

Danny Ocean He also focuses on himself. In Zero conditions It releases a brave sound that attacks those who hinder your personal growth. “It is vital that they love you for who you’re and never for what others need you to be.“, he protests, “and it is vitally clever to hear and take the issues which might be for you,” he reveals. The Venezuelan speaks like a guru without delving too deeply into the personal situations that have led to Reflex: “I would like individuals to really feel recognized with these struggles that all of us have.”

On May 11, he started his tour of Mexico and recognizes that singing live The idea of ​​loving mehas him “tremendous hyped. However, for Danny Ocean each song “has its particular second.” The Venezuelan shows his willingness and desire to tour Spain with his characteristic good vibes: “I hope that subsequent yr I can come and play right here, and I hope it falls in the summertime.”