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A loyalist MP requires “putting the territory under guardianship”

“We are ruined, we no longer exist. » Thus expressed, Sunday May 19, the Caledonian deputy (Renaissance) Nicolas Metzdorf, rapporteur of the constitutional bill on the unfreezing of the electorate adopted by the National Assembly on May 15. In the afternoon, the parliamentarian participated in a live exchange organized on the social network X by MacronardsFM. This web media presents itself as “true talk radio” and assaults each the National Rally and La France insoumise in its expressions.

During the sequence, which was attended by round 100 individuals, the MP, a determine of loyalists in Nouméa, denounced “rioters with racist cries” who’re looting town and known as on President Macron to not droop his constitutional reform on the thawing of the electoral physique. “If the President of the Republic withdraws his text from the Versailles Congress, I don’t know what to say to people. France goes to bed. Withdrawal would be a political and moral defeat for the French Republic. » According to him, “for the separatists it will never be enough”. The MP assured that the answer now could be “put under guardianship” of the territory. “We have to become a department for two or three years. »

Describing the catastrophic situation in the Nouméa area, where countless shops and businesses have burned, Nicolas Metzdorf accuses state services of not having anticipated the explosion of violence on May 13. “We had planned demonstrations, clashes, but no one predicted that it would end in urban guerrilla warfare. There was a failure of French intelligence, clearly. There is separatism, fueled by foreign powers, which has not been sufficiently identified. And planning, on the other side of the world, requires resources, but France has become a medium power. »

The parliamentarian also commented on Marine Le Pen's request for a referendum on self-determination which would allow the Kanaks to plan for the future. “It’s very surprising. It is considered here as a rampart, and it breaks the rampart. People feel totally let down, I receive hundreds of messages. They tell me that they are fighting for France, that they are abandoned, and many make the comparison with the pieds-noirs” from Algeria.

Nathalie Guibert