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Kevin Costner had not directed movies for 20 years. And now, at 69 years previous, he has launched into what he is aware of would be the final nice venture of his profession. The Californian has introduced in Cannes Horizon: An American Saga, the primary – and this one solely lasts three hours – of the 4 installments that he hopes to have the ability to shoot: he has finished the primary two, and left filming the third “three days after starting to come to Cannes.” She has mortgaged his homes, she has scraped virtually 100 million {dollars} from wherever she might (coppola fashion, she has performed all of it or nothing and 20 of these million have come out of her pocket) to finish her dream. he. “I don't need four houses. I would like to leave them to my children, but they will have to live their own lives,” she confessed in a large press convention this Monday at midday on the French competitors. The filmmaker has earned the respect and hearts of everybody he has met in France, one thing very totally different is that his Horizon have satisfied. And we'll see what the general public thinks: each within the US and in Spain the primary chapter premieres on June 28, and the second, on August 16.

In his dialog with the press, Costner appeared relaxed, humorous, conscious of supporting the Cannes competition as a result of the occasion has opted for him, and really honest in regards to the bitter tablet that he has endured, and that he’ll endure, to raise his saga. “I don't know why it's so hard to get people to believe in the movie I wanted to make… I don't think anyone else's movie is better than mine. “I don’t go out into the world with something I don’t think is good,” he started. “It usually happens to me: Dances with Wolves, The Durham Buffaloes, Field of Dreams, Open Range… The films I want to shoot are more difficult than average. And on top of that, I don't fall out of love with something that is good.” With Horizon started in 1988, “and for a long time I only had one name, Hayes [personaje que encarna él mismo], to the point that I put it on my son.” Now, as a youngster, Hayes Costner has made his appearing debut: he performs a boy who decides to not abandon his father in a brutal assault on his Native American cabin.

Before delving into the mythology of the Western and why to make movies of this style, Costner summarized his days in Cannes: “The contest has breathed life into my project. I also tell you that I have called the deck of all the yachts to ask for help. The rich people wanted to take photos with me and I told them to take out their checkbooks, but they didn't.” Regarding her emotion on Sunday night at the gala screening, she assured that it was real. “And I hope you all enjoy a moment like this in your lives. I am a lover of the magical part of cinema, of the spark that arises in the theaters, when you leave your work and your studies behind when the screening begins. And what happened last night belongs to this magic.” More jokingly, about his time on the purple carpet, he blurted out: “Before I didn't receive money to do this, then they paid me a lot of money to do this, now I need to pay my own money to do this.” Proof of his ardour and his care as a producer is that he filmed Dancing with Wolves in 106 days and the primary Horizon in 52 days.

Kevin Costner and his son Hayes, on the red carpet Sunday night.
Kevin Costner and his son Hayes, on the purple carpet Sunday night time.SEBASTIEN NOGIER (EFE)

Unfortunately, Horizon It is leaden and boring, with blurred characters, one thing that could be justified as a result of these three hours function its presentation and because the begin of the plots that can presumably develop within the following installments. As a filmmaker, Costner has taken nice care of the visible improvement, however as a producer, regardless of hiring a solid of ensures, he didn’t know put order within the soundtrack, easy and apparent, nor inform the screenwriter Costner that the script wanted a number of turns additional. “Why get involved in making a Western when the big studios don't make them? The answer is in the question”, he began to immerse himself in his favourite style: “Westerns are not simple, but complicated, and the best are put together thanks to great film architecture. Think about it: living in a city today is simple, but that West was very difficult. There were no laws, and there were plenty of weapons, and people spoke different languages. I have been reading books about that time all my life and I have written several and I know that it is complicated and complicated. And I care about the details, like the cleaning sequence. Do you know how difficult it was for anyone to be clean there, and the pleasure of a bath? They were people like us and those details are necessary.”

The filmmaker needed Horizon will mirror on man's relationship with the setting, filming in landscapes that in lots of elements stay untouched, with out traces of human beings. “In the United States we still have a lot of land, it is time for us to start valuing it.”

Kevin Costner, surrounded by the film's actresses.  From left, Wase Chief, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Sienna Miller, Georgia MacPhail, Ella Hunt, Isabelle Fuhrman and Jena Malone, Sunday morning.
Kevin Costner, surrounded by the movie's actresses. From left, Wase Chief, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Sienna Miller, Georgia MacPhail, Ella Hunt, Isabelle Fuhrman and Jena Malone, Sunday morning.SEBASTIEN NOGIER (EFE)

And in fact, as in Costner's complete profession as a director, in Horizon There are characters of Chinese origin, African Americans and the Native American half is taken care of. “I am very aware of race and the growing problem of racism that exists in my country. I live in a place called Compton, and I produced The best for her to talk about it,” he defined. “The film is a journey. It is not a plot film, and the Native Americans are represented as the script requested. I don't feel the need to try to balance the story, but rather to make it as real as possible. But that was the West,” starting his ethnography and historical past class. “Two hundred years ago, the United States was like the Garden of Eden. There were 90 million buffaloes and not a building. And if you were strong, clever, you could make a living, and that's why many Europeans traveled there. What they didn't know is that they had to take the land from people who had been there for 50,000 years. It was a massacre. In the fourth part of Horizon “Native Americans will take center stage.”

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