Pedro Sánchez insists that there shall be a “response” from Spain if Milei doesn’t apologize and accuses Abascal of “political violence” | EUROtoday

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The diplomatic conflict between Spain and Argentina is at a peak of most rigidity. The Argentine president, Javier Milei, at a Vox occasion this Sunday in Madrid, referred to as Begoa Gmez “the corrupt woman” and, amongst different issues, mentioned that “socialism necessarily leads to slavery and death.” The Government calls for a rectification and warns that if this doesn’t happen there shall be a “response in accordance with the dignity of Spanish democracy”, with out giving extra particulars of the identical, nor has the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel, wished to anticipate any step. Albares.

“I am aware that whoever spoke yesterday did not do so on behalf of the great Argentine people,” mentioned Pedro Sánchez, in his first public assertion within the midst of the diplomatic conflict, in a speech at a discussion board organized by the newspaper Cinco Días. “Espaa y Argentina They are two brother countries, whose people love and respect each other. Between governments, affections are free, but respect is inalienable.” For Sánchez, Milei “has not lived up to her statements.”

But the phrases of the Argentine president permit Sánchez and the Government to ratify their ideological message on this already European marketing campaign, the place they current the race as a battle to cease the advance of the intense proper. Hence they insert in the identical pack PP y Vox and current the vote as a dilemma of them or us. “What we saw yesterday in Madrid -in reference to the Vox act-, it does speak of the risk of what this far-right international represents for a society like ours.

Put the focus on the PP and Vox

And Sánchez has made a direct appeal to Santiago Abascal, leader of Vox. “What we noticed yesterday in Abascal's mouth was an specific attraction to political violence. Saying {that a} respectable authorities should be kicked out and kicked out is anti-democratic and requires a convincing condemnation by all political forces, the media and the entire of society”.

Specifically, the leader of Vox made this allusion at a moment in his speech in which he attacked the PP, which he described as a “cowardly right-wing and scammer” for not collaborating in “kicking and working away with hats” to the PSOE, to whom, according to his vision, “they beg for any pact.”

What happened at the event ‘Viva 24’, promoted by Vox, also allows the Government and the PSOE to try to put the focus on the PP, which they want to force to demonstrate because, they understand, their first reaction after learning of Milei's words and the decision of The Moncloa to withdraw sine the from the Spanish ambassador in Buenos Aires, was neither what was expected nor, in his opinion, forceful.

“Defending Spanish establishments from insults and defamations that overseas leaders might make doesn’t perceive ifs and buts, as a result of past ideology lies schooling and patriotism,” was Sánchez's veiled allusion to the popular.

“In this demand for an apology, the one who should apologize first is Abascal and Vox, for having cheered and laughed at these insults, and the PP, which as soon as once more makes a mistake when it chooses to be the opposition when yesterday was a day to be Spain,” the Foreign Minister has pointed out, Jose Manuel Albares, throughout a day full of statements to the media.

From the leadership of the PSOE they complete this strategy of turning the focus of the crisis with Argentina towards Vox and the PP. “The patriotism of Mr. Abascal and Mr. Feijo is a patriotism of AliExpresspatriotism, an inexpensive, low-quality patriotism, a dirty copy of what true patriots signify,” said the party's spokesperson, Esther Pea.

In Ferraz they maintain that the leaders of both parties “have proven that they’re the identical” and that “they don’t care what occurs to this nation and its residents so long as they imagine they’ll get 4 measly votes.” Likewise, they argue that Spain is defended with “loyalty to its establishments” and not with a “bracelet” or “flying a flag.”

“The darkest Europe is the one which gathered this weekend in Madrid and the one one lacking from the gathering was Mr. Beansmr. Aznar and the girl Ayusohowever make no mistake: simply because they weren’t at these occasions doesn’t imply that they don’t share what was mentioned there and that they didn’t purchase completely the complete argument of the intense proper,” Pea added in reference to the event held by Vox in the Vistalegre Palace in which, in addition to Milei, other international leaders from the same ideological spectrum were present.

The PP harshly criticized on Sunday that the Government asked it for help against Javier Milei after a minister of that same Government had suggested that the Argentine president took drugs. The popular They complained that the Executive did not call them to inform them of the position in the Shara, Ukraine, Israel o Gibraltarand he did it to defend the president's wife, whom Milei called “corrupt” at a Vox event on Sunday.

This Monday, however, the PP has modulated its position and has also criticized the attitude, words and manners of the South American far-right leader. “Milei's speech is, after all, an interference in nationwide politics, and in addition in a spectacle that I’d describe as stunning,” said the Deputy Secretary of Institutional Affairs of the PP, Esteban González Pons, in an interview in Cope.

“I see too many buts. They ought to have been forceful instantly. Yesterday. Although I see a starting of rectification, there are many buts and a scarcity of forcefulness in defending our establishments,” Albares objected.

Sumar, against businessmen and asking for “extra” against Israel

From summer Ranks are closing around the Government's diplomatic reaction to the “frontal assault” perpetrated by Milei against the progressive coalition of which it is a part with the PSOE. However, it is demanded that the Executive also exhibit determination when it comes to Israel. Ernest Urtasun He has stated that in this case they are asking to go “a lot additional than what’s being finished with Argentina” because in Palestine “there’s a genocide in progress.” Hence, he has insisted on demanding “rather more” than the recognition of the Palestinian State, such as the arms embargo, the review of trade agreements or collaboration to investigate “conflict crimes.”

In the wake of the diplomatic crisis with Argentina, Urtasun has focused during a press conference on the “perspective” of the businessmen for having “supported” the Argentine president one day before intervening in the Vox event. He has been especially incisive with the president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, who has demanded “a public apology” from the Spaniards for having allowed the businessmen to be photographed with a person who was known to have come “for what he got here to do.” She has also demanded this request for forgiveness from the employers as a whole. “Instead of taking photographs with individuals who insult our nation, allow them to dedicate themselves to working and never blocking the development of the rights of our residents,” said Sumar's spokesperson.

Similarly, Urtasun has attacked the PP for, in his opinion, refusing to defend the Government and, consequently, considers that its leader, Alberto Nez Feijo, “is disqualified from governing Spain.” Sumar's spokesperson has wondered why he did not immediately come out to side with the Executive and has concluded that the PP is “tied hand and foot” with Vox due to its agreements to govern in different places.

For its part, We can has demanded that Sánchez apply “the identical firmness with Israel” that he has exhibited against Argentina. “She has a political, ethical, moral and diplomatic obligation to point out that firmness with Israel” because “we’re speaking a couple of genocide,” denounced the Podemos European candidate. Irene Monterowho has delved into the fact that this is “rather more” than some “robust, inappropriate and interolerable” phrases.

“If Spain exhibits its firmness with Argentina, it has the duty to take action instantly and with out ready one other second with the genocidal State of Israel,” he insisted, calling for “breaking diplomatic relations.”

At the presentation of the Podemos program for European women, Ione Herb He has also denounced this double way of acting. “It is indecent that in a single afternoon the Government of Spain calls the ambassador for consultations because of some repugnant statements and in seven months of genocide it has been unable to name the ambassador of Israel for consultations. That speaks badly of our nation,” he warned. the general secretary of the purple ones.

This Monday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs transferred the Argentine ambassador to Spain, Roberto Bosch, the demand for a public rectification of the words of Javier Milei against the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and his wife, Begoa Gómez. This was stated by diplomatic sources to Servimedia, who detailed that the meeting held by Albares with the Argentine ambassador at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took place “inside the channels of respect and diplomatic courtesy, which each the Government and the minister preserve.” at all times”. The Spanish chancellor summoned the Argentine ambassador in Spain this Monday round 1:00 p.m. to demand “public apologies” from the president of Argentina, Javier Milei, after his assaults on the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and his spouse, Begoa. Gomez.