The businessmen who met with Milei “reject” his phrases in opposition to Sánchez and his spouse and keep in mind that they “only” talked in regards to the economic system | EUROtoday

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The businessmen who met on Saturday with the president of Argentina, Javier Milei, shut ranks with the CEOE employers' affiliation and help the message of its president, Antonio Garamendi, who has “rejected” this Monday the phrases of the Argentine president in opposition to Pedro Sánchez and his spouse. “We profoundly reject out-of-tone statements, not in a diplomatic message, which is what must be had between two friendly countries, against the president of the Government and against the president's wife. It is not the place nor the place, no This is what is asked of two sister countries,” stated Garamendi.

Milei traveled to Spain this weekend to take part in a Vox occasion. Last Saturday, someday earlier than the occasion, the president met with a bunch of Spanish businessmen and with the president of the employers' affiliation, and already on Sunday, the Argentine president referred to Pedro Sánchez as “calaa” and his spouse as ” corrupt”, which led the Government to name its ambassador in Buenos Aires, María Jess Alonso, for consultations.

Both Garamendi and among the businessmen who met on Saturday have disconnected each occasions and have distanced themselves from what occurred yesterday. For the CEOE chief, “it makes absolutely no sense to attack” the president of the Spanish Government and to take action in Spain, as he acknowledged in statements to Cadena Ser. Garamendi recalled that Spanish businessmen have “very big” pursuits. ” in Argentina, with an investment of 18,000 million euros that makes them the main European investor and the second in the world.

“It is essential, and it’s one thing that appears to be failing and missing currently, institutional loyalty. Democracy exists as a result of the establishments exist. Regardless of whether or not one likes the president of the Government or not, he’s our president. We actually reject “Those statements that, honestly, the only thing they achieve is to reach things that should not be or be there. We didn't like it at all,” Garamendi additionally highlighted when requested about Milei's phrases on the occasion organized by Vox.

Several of the businesses that have been talked about on Saturday have adhered to those phrases, amongst them, Santander Bank y BBVA. Sources from Santander, which was represented on Saturday by its CEO, Hctor Grisi, subscribe to Garamendi's phrases, whereas BBVA “deeply” rejects Milei's statements at a political occasion “totally unrelated to the business meeting” final Saturday.

In this line it has additionally been pronounced Telephone, which in an institutional assertion collected by Europa Press advocates “constructive dialogue” to advertise the “progress of both countries.” The firm chaired by José María Álvarez-Pallete defends that the statements made by Milei “do not correspond to those of two friendly and brother countries, nor do they occur in the right place or place.” Furthermore, the telecom firm has pressured that “it makes no sense” for Sánchez and his spouse to be attacked throughout a go to to Spain.

“During this same weekend, different representatives of the Spanish business community, with a notable presence from Telefónica, had the opportunity to listen and share with President Milei the action plans that are being carried out in Argentina and the current situation of the investments in that country in a framework that is absolutely technical and economic in nature,” the corporate defined. “This atmosphere of collaboration and constructive dialogue, and not the opposite, must be the necessary element for the joint progress of both countries,” the teleco has defended.

Iberia He has additionally assured that in his assembly final Saturday with Milei they spoke “only about the economy” and that he shares the opinion expressed by the president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, asking the chief for “moderation, tranquility and institutional loyalty.”

Abertis, whose CEO, If Aljaro, was one other of the businessmen who attended the assembly with the Argentine president on Saturday, has additionally condemned the phrases. “This type of language and insults do not contribute to the coexistence of our societies and in no case should they be part of the political dialectic between two sister countries, with a long history of collaboration and defense of democracy,” the corporate insists in a press release. .

They talked in regards to the economic system

On the opposite, Garamendi has downplayed the truth that the businessmen met with Milei, even though the Argentine president has not made any appointment with the Government or the Royal Family. “These meetings with Ibero-American presidents who stop in Spain are common. We did the same the day before with the president of Ecuador. The Argentine embassy personally invited the representatives of the companies, it was not an event scheduled by the CEOE, and He also invited the CEOE. It was an absolutely economic and interesting meeting because Spanish companies have suffered a lot for years in that country and the Argentine president proposed what could be done to improve. It was a professional meeting. They talked about the economy and companies raised their problems in Argentina,” Garamendi defined on this regard.

The chief of the Spanish employers' affiliation has pressured that these conferences will not be about supporting one regime or one other, since corporations work with the nations and governments that have an effect on them, whether or not of 1 coloration or one other.

“In no case has anyone gone to support or dissupport, or to think about whether or not they are going to support anything. We are going to work and, in this case, the companies that have participated in that meeting have gone to talk about what that are the problems of their relationships in that country. You have to separate things. The day before there is a professional meeting and the next day there are some inappropriate statements, totally rejectable,” he defined.