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En 1993 already, [les metteurs en scène] Patrice Chéreau [1944-2013]Bernard Sobel, Jean-Pierre Vincent [1942-2020] and Alain Crombecque [(1939-2009), ancien directeur du Festival d’Avignon] signed an open letter when a 5% discount was introduced, after successive price range reductions. They expressed their issues, writing particularly: “Consideration of the role reserved for artistic practices in this incessant struggle between barbarism and civilization is one of the criteria by which we judge a society, a government. »

The evil is old, of course, but the situation then did not have the desperate character that it has today. Indeed, there has not been a week in months where we have not read alarming articles on the situation of theaters in France.

The entire pyramid of creative teams is concerned, from national theaters to companies – creative teams for theater, dance, music, circus, etc., which are most of the time without a fixed location. And let's not fall into the trap of pitting one against the other because, in all cases, it is all the actors, technicians, authors, directors, etc. who will be reduced to inactivity. Each sector needs the other.

Scheduled dismantling

Recently, in order to supposedly reduce the nation's deficit, 200 million euros were cut from the small budget of the Ministry of Culture, which could see even more significant reductions in 2025. This situation opens up an unprecedented future crisis. Choosing the weakening, the putting into dormancy of a number of places, even the disappearance of the most fragile companies, the politician accelerates the fact that the world is unraveling.

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To attempt to create commonality once more, we want debates, confrontations of concepts and delicate areas which fictions carry by providing us entry to others. These confrontations are essential and stimulating in any society with the ambition to be a democracy. Have the spokespersons of essentially the most reactionary discourses definitively imposed their “cultural hegemony”?

If this example continues, it may solely be step one in a deliberate dismantling. Once the means granted to creation have been lower, it’s going to then be simple to declare that, from the locations of creation to the businesses, none are fulfilling their mission and due to this fact, in a second step, to additional cut back the means.

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