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As of: May 22, 2024 6:00 a.m

Sea otters eat as much as a 3rd of their physique weight every single day. They use mussel shells and stones as cutlery to crack open their prey. This may have evolutionary benefits.

By Nicolas Hellebrand, SWR

With the assistance of volunteer “otter spotters”, a US analysis staff noticed the consuming conduct of virtually 200 sea otters off the California coast. They analyzed how the otters used instruments reminiscent of shells or stones to eat. According to the brand new research, that is extra essential for the survival of the otters than beforehand assumed.

The use of instruments not solely offers otters a wider alternative of prey, but additionally saves their enamel, which they might in any other case use to crack open their arduous prey, in line with the research. The researchers have now revealed their leads to the journal “Science”.

In order to evaluate the extent to which using instruments advantages dental well being, along with the remark knowledge, the researchers additionally briefly captured particular person animals and examined their enamel – together with each dwelling specimens from the inhabitants and animals that died naturally throughout the remark interval. Their outcome: The otters through which the researchers noticed elevated use of instruments additionally had fewer indicators of damage on their enamel.

Healthy enamel supply an evolutionary benefit

Healthy enamel are extraordinarily essential within the animal kingdom. They are sometimes related to the next likelihood of survival. Because when you have longer enamel, you’ll be able to eat longer and subsequently stay longer. If this leads to the next likelihood of with the ability to reproduce, that is known as greater “evolutionary fitness”. This may additionally apply to the otters.

But there’s one other benefit to utilizing instruments: better meals safety. Sea otters' favourite meals is sea urchins and abalone mussels. They are simple to crack and supply lots of power. The otters don’t want instruments for this. But if this meals runs out, as a result of there are too many otters within the space, for instance, they’ve to seek out new sources of meals. The mussels, crabs and snails which can be nonetheless accessible are a lot tougher, nevertheless. Cracking them causes extra harm to the enamel. That is why instruments can be utilized right here.

Female sea otters particularly use instruments

This conduct is noticed primarily in feminine sea otters. This could possibly be because of the bodily variations between the sexes, explains behavioral biologist Alice Auersperg. She is a professor of behavioral biology on the University of Vienna and focuses on using instruments in animals. “They are of course a bit smaller than the males and perhaps simply do not have as much jaw strength. And it is also the case that they do not travel as far and therefore perhaps simply have to use the food sources that are available in an area,” says Auersperg.

It stays unclear how the otters study to make use of instruments. It is feasible that the younger animals may study the conduct from their dad and mom: “It would of course be interesting to see which offspring use which type of tool and whether this corresponds to that of their mothers. Because then you can assume that there is a strong social learning component,” says Auersperg.

More analysis wanted

In order to have the ability to say with certainty whether or not and to what extent otters profit evolutionarily from software use, additional long-term research are wanted, says Auersperg. For instance, it could be mandatory to analyze whether or not these otters that more and more use instruments to eat even have the next likelihood of survival and are subsequently capable of reproduce higher than those who proceed to rely solely on their enamel. So there’s nonetheless loads to do for volunteer otter spotters in California.