Carlos Body hopes to avoid wasting European funds regardless of the Government's problem in approving legal guidelines | EUROtoday

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The Minister of Economy, Carlos Body, has been “optimistic” in saving European funds, regardless of the Government's problem in passing legal guidelines after the brand new setback with the Land Law. Body has excluded the latter from being a part of the “assessment” of the European Commission to unlock the fourth fee of funds, valued at greater than 10,000 million, and has assured that it expects a constructive decision, “before the end of the month” . This was acknowledged on the sidelines of his speech on the annual assembly of the Economic Circle in Barcelona.

The minister has managed to get the European Commission to increase the examination for a couple of extra days to the set of milestones and targets comparable to the fourth fee, thus bringing in on time, in his opinion, the unemployment profit reform authorized this Tuesday by the Council of Ministers.

The Body has disconnected the failed Land Law from the Government's dedication to Housing for the fourth fee and has proven confidence in any case that it’s going to find yourself being authorized. “There is unanimity among the main actors regarding the benefit of this standard, both in the sector itself and on the part of city councils and most of the autonomous communities (…) hWe must be able to ensure that this unanimity among the main actors is also reflected in Congress.that we are capable of carrying it forward at the political level.

Already in his speech before the audience, Body has reiterated his rejection of the merger of Banco Sabadell with BBVA and supports the rejection of the entity of Catalan origin in the face of the hostile takeover received. He greeted the president of Banco Sabadell himself at the exit, Joseph Olivewho attended his speech.

Body has reiterated that even if the takeover bid is approved and receives broad acceptance from shareholders will not be decisive for the Government's subsequent assessment of the merger, which insists that it is negativebecause it affects “competitors and territorial cohesion.”

He has once again admitted that the Government does not have the power to prevent a hostile takeover from going ahead on which other authorities will rule, such as the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) and the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC). , but I do know about the subsequent merger, which BBVA aspires to as the final move of the purchase.