Labour slammed for admitting plot to scrap Rwanda scheme and provides 115k migrants ‘amnesty’ | Politics | News | EUROtoday

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Labour has been accused of confessing to plans for an enormous asylum amnesty as they freely boast about plans to scrap the Rwanda scheme.

Appearing on GB News final evening, Labour frontbencher Jonathan Reynolds was requested to verify plans to supply between 90,000 and 115,000 folks asylum ought to they win the election.

Mr Reynolds didn’t deny Labour’s controversial plan, asking: “What’s the alternative?”

“Keeping them in hotels at the cost of £8 million a day, indefinitely?

“They’re going to have to apply, and if they haven’t got a right to be in the UK, they’ve got to go.

“And if they have a right to be in the UK, if we want to accept those people, we can integrate them into British society and they can benefit from putting something back into the UK rather than just be a cost in the halfway house we have at the minute, so it’s about a serious policy rather than a gimmick that will make no difference and cost the country a lot of money.”

GB News’ Patrick Christys identified that this implies the UK’s asylum backlog will improve “almost overnight by around 90,000 people under a Labour Government”.

Responding to the confession, Tory Deputy Chairman Jonathan Gullis instructed the Express that Labour is now “ready and willing to throw our borders wide open”.

“Their mad immigration amnesty will promote this nation because the asylum capital of the world. No surprises although, given they voted in opposition to harder immigration controls 139 occasions.

“A vote for the Conservatives is a vote for the party that is stopping the boats by getting flights off the ground.

“Meanwhile a vote for Labour is a vote for a party who is lining up on the beaches to welcome migrants with open arms.”

In 2022, just 24 percent of asylum seekers were rejected by the UK legal system, meaning the vast majority of those who have come here illegally and are living in hotels can expect to stay in the UK under a Labour Government.

Speaking in Dover earlier this month, Sir Keir Starmer said he has “no doubt” the Government will get flights off the ground to Rwanda, but emphatically said he would “cancel the scheme straight away” if they win the election.

“We will scrap the Rwanda scheme. I said that to you when we last met last week, the time before last and you know, that means ending the scheme.

“We will cancel the scheme – of course that means we won’t operate the scheme at all, it’s a gimmick, I won’t flog a dead horse.

“We’re going to do away with the coverage immediately.”