The Prosecutor's Office requests 5 years and 7 months in jail for 'Kubati' and 5 others accused of organizing 120 tributes to ETA members | EUROtoday

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The Prosecutor's Office of the National Court requests 5 years and 7 months in jail for the Ezta ETA member José Antonio López Ruiz, Kubatand 5 others investigated for organizing 120 welcome and tribute occasions (Welcome) to ETA prisoners.

The prosecutor Carlos García-Berro He attributes to them a criminal offense of structure and path of a felony group (for which he asks for 3 years and 6 months) and one other steady crime of humiliation of the victims of terrorism and exaltation (two years and one month).

“In the period of time between the years 2016 and 2020, the so-called dynamic Street Street directed by the accused was responsible for repeatedly and systematically organizing welcome and other acts of homage given to members of the terrorist group ETA at the time of their release, return to Spain and death,” explains the prosecutor.

García Berro affirms that he highlights the implications of those acts on the victims of the terrorist group. “The repeated and systematic organization of such acts of undoubted laudatory content to each and every one of the members of the terrorist group ETA included in the EPPK or collective of prisoners produced constant humiliation for the victims and a negative psychological impact on the victims of the ETA terrorism”.

“Mainly,” he continues, “these were emotions and feelings related to anger, the feeling of injustice and humiliation, with a very high intensity. They also generated in the victims a very high feeling of abandonment in the face of these types of acts, especially the victims who resided in the Basque Country or who have lived there for years. Furthermore, these tributes negatively influenced the daily life and interfered with the psychological recovery of the victims.

“In abstract,” he concludes, “these acts of homage produced a strategy of re-victimization within the victims of the terrorist group ETA, humiliatingly prolonging their struggling.”

In addition to Kubatthe prosecutor accuses Oihana Garmendia, Haymar Altuna, Oihana San Vicente, Carlos Saez de Egilaz and Felipe San Epifanio.

The writing links the celebration of the events with create, to which the accused are related. He maintains that since 2016 all issues related to the group of ETA prisoners, which had previously been controlled by ETA through the Pro-Amnista Managers, “turned the accountability of Sortu.”

The document rejects that these were spontaneous acts. Respond to a strategy in which Kubat imposed his criteria, according to a multitude of intercepted messages: “The unity of standards within the group of welcome and the uniformity of speech imposed was absolute.”

Among those messages is one sent to Joseba Azcarraga, former Basque councilor and head of the Sare prisoner support network. He was in turn the liaison of the accused with Penitentiary Institutions, to whom he transferred the claims of the ETA prisoners so that the Government could attend to them.