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The annual assembly of the influential Círculo de Economía is probably one of the best thermometer through the years of the connection between the Catalan financial and political energy and that of Madrid, the central one. Seeing how the president and the opposition chief, who nearly at all times come, are obtained right here, is a option to analyze who is robust, no less than for the Catalan enterprise group, and what speech is most favored within the coronary heart of the traditionally strongest bourgeoisie in Spain . If Alberto Núñez Feijóo was obtained with enthusiasm in 2022, when shortly after taking on the management of the PP he spoke right here of the “Catalan nation”, and final yr, in the midst of the electoral marketing campaign, he additionally triumphed by promising tax cuts when nearly all The polls mentioned that he would go to La Moncloa, this yr it has clearly been Pedro Sánchez who has taken the honey, whereas the chief of the PP obtained clear indifference on Thursday within the face of a really harsh speech, nearly similar to the one he gave in Madrid, which didn’t He opened no doorways in Catalonia and was additionally in favor of a pact with the extremely Giorgia Meloni.

The businessmen of the Círculo de Economía appear pleased with the ultimate level at course of that the Catalan elections entailed, and so they have brazenly advised Sánchez. The president of the Círculo, Jaume Guardiola, has brazenly praised the president's “courage” not solely with the pardons, which the Círculo supported with a lot inner debate, but in addition with the amnesty, so criticized by the PP, though he requested him to hunt the settlement with the opposition. And Sánchez, who as at all times receives a lot kinder remedy in Catalonia than in Madrid, the land of his delivery, appeared very snug and promised to unravel the 2 major pending issues, financing reform and higher infrastructure.

Guardiola's speech, and the questions he later requested Sánchez, have been a really clear instance of the change that has occurred in Catalonia and the open gratitude that the enterprise group has for Sánchez. But much more evident have been the conversations within the hallways, the place criticism of Feijóo's speech the day earlier than was the norm, whereas Sánchez did what many anticipated: communicate positively concerning the new scenario that opens after the independentists have misplaced probably the most. The president, who in the remainder of Spain has an advanced relationship with the enterprise elite particularly as a result of his fiscal coverage and taxes on vitality corporations or banks, in Catalonia has been obtained in a fair higher manner than he might have anticipated.

Guardiola was very clear, in a speech that represents the whole Circle: “We are leaving behind the turbulent and painful moments that we have experienced. The institutional normalization that Catalonia has recovered is largely related to your Government action. And we want to thank you. The Cercle supported the pardons. And after an in-depth discussion, we understood the amnesty law as a risky but constructive opportunity. We would have liked it to have had more consensus, and a more restrained attitude on the part of the beneficiaries. But we think it is an opportunity to close a barren period. In this climate of enormous tension, whose purpose is to delegitimize your presidency, in addition to the resistance manual, you have shown courage when making decisions. To some it will seem like audacity. To us it looks like courage. That is why we appeal to this courage to reform the financing system and also to rebuild space for dialogue and negotiation with the opposition that the president must lead,” he assured.

Sánchez, visibly glad with the ambiance that obtained him in Barcelona, ​​responded: “I also want to thank the Círculo. Because when it was most needed, he supported dialogue, coexistence and encounter. You were right, we were right. The Circle has played a fundamental role in overcoming one of the greatest political and coexistence crises. Now, after the elections, Catalonia is going to get involved in the progress of Spain, and will lead an open Europe.”

“All roads pass through Illa”

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And from there, the president confirmed his provide to Catalonia to regain momentum. First he insisted that Salvador Illa, who was within the entrance row, would be the president. “There is no majority without the PSC. All roads pass through Illa and reach Illa. “The Government will decide in Catalonia and will obey Catalan needs.” In the corridors, almost no one was betting on a repeat election, although there is still time to know what ERC will decide and in the middle are the European elections, which are also relevant to that decision. But above all, Sánchez promised to improve financing and infrastructure, the two great historical demands in Catalonia, in addition to guaranteeing absolute respect for the Catalan language, which after the agreements with ERC and Junts can now be spoken openly in Congress. “The Government will redouble investment in infrastructure. Especially in Rodalies. We are going to maintain commitments to forgive the debt that we acquired in the investiture with the Government of Pere Aragonès, to whom I want to recognize his work. That means 15,000 million euros for Catalonia. We will also carry out a reform to have more and better financing for Catalonia and for all communities. From Spain we thus propose respect for the history and language of Catalonia, better and greater financing and redoubling investment in infrastructure. We have learned these barren years that with stronger Catalonia, Spain is stronger,” he insisted.

Sánchez additionally achieved the approval of businessmen, uninterested in the course of, when he recalled that in 2017, due to that disaster, the opportunity of Barcelona being the headquarters of the European Medicines Agency was misplaced. “A thousand senior officials would have come, 400 million euros in annual budget. A key accelerator for the pharmaceutical industry, which is very relevant in Catalonia. Barcelona had unbeatable conditions. Now, on the contrary, Moody's confirms that the election result in Catalonia reduces risks and encourages investment. That's called trust. Businessmen know how difficult it is to win it and how easy it is to lose it,” he cried to finish the course of. Sánchez from Madrid thus confirms that Catalonia is probably the most snug place for him, even among the many at all times suspicious enterprise group. But now he’s in the midst of the European marketing campaign and likewise wants a strong mobilization of the left all through Spain to stop the PP from attaining an ideal success on June 9 that offers wings to the opposition.

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