Five a long time on, what stays of the spirit of Portugal’s Carnation Revolution? | EUROtoday

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The occasions of April 25, 1974 have left an indelible mark on the historical past of Portugal and Europe. That night, a gaggle of 200 left-leaning younger Portuguese navy captains walked out of their barracks and occupied strategic places. Tired of the ravages of the dictatorship and colonisation, they gained the lively assist of the individuals. The rebellion was nicknamed the Carnation Revolution after the flowers that protesters positioned within the troopers’ weapons and tanks, in a uncommon instance of a navy coup being staged to put in democracy. The dictatorship collapsed in a single day. But 50 years on, Portugal’s previous demons are surfacing. Chega, a populist xenophobic social gathering, quadrupled its variety of MPs in March’s elections. In lower than 5 years, it has grow to be the nation’s third-largest political pressure. FRANCE 24’s Céline Schmitt and Clara Le Nagard report, with Sarah Morris.