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Perhaps the disintegration of the worldwide order is an “exaggerated” idea, however its balances are definitely beneath stress. Starting from a reversal within the steadiness of energy: some say “the economy dictated the agenda to geopolitics, now geopolitics has taken its revenge”.

David PetraeusUS normal and former CIA director, broke the ice like this in his distant intervention on «Will conflict stay the instrument for resolving conflicts?», a panel of the Trento Economy Festival on the expansion of conflicts and the prospects of an more and more fragmented West.

Petraeus clarified the urgency of sustaining the “balance” on an more and more intricate international chessboard, with a level of complexity not seen maybe “since the Second World War”. The hyperlink with China and the varied unknowns on the conflict entrance ought to seem on the prime of the agenda of Washington, and of the Western bloc as an entire, between the aftermath of the primary many years of the century and the prospects which can be opening up between Ukraine, the Middle East and the Indo Pacific.

« Afghanistan? It was flawed to retreat.” The Ukrainian case

On the first front, Petraeus (self) criticizes the excess security of Western governments and their illusion of a victory for the liberal model: a model fractured by the dialectic with different forces of inspiration, reinforced by the strategic errors of Washington and its allies. Petraeus cites the case of the exodus from Afghanistan, abandoned to an endless economic and political abyss after the flop of the “stabilization” missions: “I used to be against the thought of ​​withdrawing from Afghanistan. What occurred was comprehensible: nearly 17 thousand folks fled the nation and the Taliban had their approach cleared.”

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It is no wonder, adds Petraeus, that “Xi, the Chinese president, had a very good hand in saying that the Americans weren’t dependable allies.” Precisely the Afghan case, within the normal's view, ought to strengthen the position of the USA and its companions as a barrier to the outbreak of recent conflicts and the enlargement of hostile entities.