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Michael Flatley is feeling and looking  match and wholesome as he prepares to carry his Lord of the Dance present again on the street. Despite releasing a press release final 12 months saying he was recognized with “an aggressive form of cancer,” he exhibits no indicators of slowing down.

Speaking completely to Express.co.uk prematurely of the brand new tour, entitled A Lifetime Of Standing Ovations, he chatted about his jam-packed schedule. However, he merely describes his situation as “something I have to live with”.

“Well, you know, it’s something I have to live with [cancer]. But I’m a very positive man. I feel great. There’s nothing going to keep me down and I feel terrific every day. I wake up every morning and have two espressos and I go straight into the ocean every morning – all year round every day and it makes me feel great and prepares me for the day.

“It gives me time to be with myself and say a few prayers and get guidance for what I’m going to do for that day, plan my day and what I’m going to do next. So my health is great, I’m fine. I’m great,” he smiles.

Michael would not dance within the upcoming exhibits, having been compelled to retire in 2016 – “if it wasn’t for my again and my neck and my legs, I’d nonetheless be there however my physique could not take the harm anymore,” he laments – but he is still very involved in the productions. The show has, to date, been seen by 60 million people in 60 countries on every continent and graced more than 1000 venues.

He says relaxation “is not in his DNA” and if anything his diagnosis seems to have spurred him on to work harder. “I solely have one pace I’d by no means be capable to do this [relax]. I’d take a few weeks off. I’d wish to carry my spouse and son away someplace. But this 12 months alone.

“I’ve got the big UK tour of the show coming up and all those dancers are counting on me, to lead the way and to be there and to keep them all working. I’ve employed 1000s of dancers over the years between Riverdance and all the shows I created. I have to stay with that.

Alongside overseeing the upcoming tour of his show, which is running between July and November, he has numerous other projects on the go and has a packed schedule. “I’ve bought a brand new Christmas present popping out –  Michael Flatley’s Christmas dance spectacular,” he revealed.

“It’ll be coming hopefully this Christmas, if we are able to get a venue within the UK and if we are able to get a venue in Ireland and possibly Scotland and Wales. I completed creating it 10 years in the past, nevertheless it’s solely final 12 months and this 12 months that I put the ultimate touches on it and gave it to the dance troops.

“So by the end of September, I’ll have two troops on the road because the demands are so big. By Christmas I’ll have three troops on the road. Plus I have just launched my new Irish whiskey in honour of my Father, God rest his soul, so that’s a big job and I have to do mountains of press and things for that. A lot of meet and greets and all the business that’s associated with that.

“I [also] have a brand new documentary about my life that’s popping out later this 12 months. Although I have not seen it I’m hoping and praying it is good,” he said. He also revealed that he has been approached about more movie work following the release of his film Blackbird last year. It’s safe to say he likes to keep busy.

Despite all his achievements he admits: “When I was laying in bed on that gurney with cancer [I was] looking up at that ceiling and thinking to myself, have I done enough? Have I given enough? Have I tried hard enough? Have I fulfilled all the things I promised myself I would do in my life?

“I simply love creating,” he said when asked what inspires him to continue. “I really like that channel that opens when I’m engaged on one thing which may take hours or days however all of the sudden it opens after which it flows and I attempt to bear in mind and let that creativity come via. I like doing issues that conjures up me to rise up day-after-day [and I ask] what am I going to do at present to assist out different individuals and preserve  them working?

“That’s a big part of this. With my show  there’s not just the dancers you see on stage. An army of people are employed backstage from lighting guys to sound guys to stage managers, costume people, there’s PR people there’s management,  show booker’s…

“There’s only a entire lot of various those that work for me, and that travelled the world for me and so they make a residing due to what I’ve created and I’ve to maintain that going. They’re relying on me and I am unable to allow them to down. That’s for me that is inspiring to have the ability to be able the place I can do this.”

Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance: A Spectacular returns to UK levels with A Lifetime Of Standing Ovations Tour which begins in Edinburugh on July 16 and takes in cities all through the UK till November 3.