Nicki Minaj in police custody in Amsterdam after being arrested for carrying medicine hours earlier than her Manchester present | EUROtoday

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Singer Nicki Minaj is in police custody in Amsterdam after being arrested after medicine have been reportedly present in her baggage simply hours earlier than she is because of carry out in Manchester, in keeping with a spokesperson for Netherlands border police.

“At this moment she is in custody,” mentioned Robert van Kapel, a spokesperson for Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, the border police accountable for Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, advised The Independent.

Although Kapel didn’t title Minaj, who went stay on Instagram whereas Amsterdam police have been trying to take her into custody, he mentioned he “can confirm we have arrested a 41 year old American because we did a check at Schiphol Airport and found soft drugs with her and it’s illegal to export soft drugs in the Netherlands.”

Minaj is 41 years previous. The Netherlands classifies marijuana, which is authorized within the nation, as “soft drugs” and Minaj revealed in her video that her bag contained pre-rolled joints that she mentioned belonged to another person.

Nicki Minaj filming what appears to be an airport official saying police want to search her luggage
Nicki Minaj filming what seems to be an airport official saying police wish to search her baggage (Instagram)

“At this moment she is in interrogation and we are doing an investigation,” mentioned Kapel. He famous that following the police investigation, they are going to be involved with public prosectuors who will then resolve to press costs or not.

In Minaj’s Instagram video, an official will be heard saying they wished to arrest her for “carrying drugs,” an allegation that she denied.

An official tells Minaj that her luggage have been initially subjected to a “random quick check,” however that police wished to do a full search. When she requested why, she was advised that an officer “doesn’t believe that you don’t have more with you than you say,” noting that her choice to movie the search made the officer suspicious.

Minaj initially refused to go together with police.

“I’m not moving into there. I would like a lawyer current,” she advised the officer.

Rapper Nicki Minaj was taken into police custody in Amsterdam after she was accused of ‘carrying drugs’
Rapper Nicki Minaj was taken into police custody in Amsterdam after she was accused of ‘carrying drugs’ (AFP via Getty Images)

After some back and forth, Minaj eventually relents and enters a police vehicle.

During her transport, she told the officers she was worried she might not be able to make her next show. The officer assured her that they would “attempt to get [her] there” as soon as possible.

The police encounter occurred during Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 World Tour. She has a show scheduled for Saturday night in Manchester, England, and had performed in Amsterdam, the first stop on her European tour, the day prior.

On Saturday Ms Minaj provided some details of her encounter; she said that police “mentioned they discovered weed & that one other group of ppl have to return right here to weigh the pre-rolls” — referencing pre-rolled marijuana joints that are typically bought in stores.

“Keep in thoughts they took my luggage with out consent. My safety has already suggested them these pre-rolls belong to him,” she wrote on X. “Oh yea & the pilot needs me to take my [Instagram] submit down.”