Karla Sofa Gascn, first trans lady to win at Cannes: “It's time for us to stop saying trans woman, we are women” | EUROtoday

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It's time to say it. It's just a little embarrassing due to the cliché, due to the dearth of creativeness, due to the false commonplace… But there isn’t a different selection. A star has been born. It is alleged. Karla Sofa Gascn He has needed to wait till he turns 52 to see himself on the prime; to change into the feeling of crucial movie pageant on the planet. Strictly talking, what occurs to this lady from Alcobendas will not be totally new. I already skilled one thing related in Mexico when the film 'We the noble', by Gary Alazraki, was propelled by likelihood from success to the highest-grossing manufacturing in Mexico till the date of its premiere in 2013. But this Cannes factor is completely different; This is world.

“Actually, I have the impression of living all the hustle and bustle of success again. However, the excitement and the sleepless nights tell me that this is something else. “I'm from Real Madrid, I'm ready for the Champions League closing and the impression I’ve is that I've been within the penalty shootout for 3 days.” Do you feel like you have made history by being the first trans woman to win this award? “I don't really feel something completely different. I’m a standard individual. Maybe it's time to cease saying trans lady and speak about merely lady. We aren’t numerous. We are equal to everybody. But don't get it fallacious. I like to make use of the time period trans as a declare as a result of “We have been and are a group permanently denigrated and insulted.” He stops, takes a second and continues: “The other day it occurred to me to share a piece of news on social networks and I had to remove it due to the amount of hate it generated, due to the completely insulting comments.”

Karla Sofa Gascón is now formally the protagonist of a movie, 'Emilia Prez, by Jacques Audiard, with two awards, not one, within the official Cannes palmars. In reality, they’re much more of a prize. One is the Jury Prize and the opposite is the actress prize, however in plural. The jury chaired by Greta Gerwig determined that the award would go to all of the performers: Karla, Zoe Saladaa, Selena Gomez and Adriana Paz.

On stage, together with her award in hand, Sofa had time to make a protest speech in English, French, Spanish or no matter. “And of course, [se lo dedico] to all the trans people who are suffering all the fucking day (sic) from hate and how it denigrates us.” And he added: “Tomorrow this news that you see here will be full of people saying the same terrible things as always.” And with that stated , left a phrase to recollect: “As is the case with Emilia Perez, we all have the opportunity to change, to be better people, so let's see if you change, bastards (sic)”.

Karla confesses that she doesn't know if issues will change any more. “I don't know, I guess now I'll buy an electric car.” Karla doesn’t dare to admit which of the congratulatory calls she is most pleased with. But she says it. “I know that Almodvar wanted to talk to me, but since I've been without the phone all day, I imagine that if he called he would have spoken to my daughter.” Karla is touring together with his daughter who has identified him as a father, like Carlos, and now as a mom too. And she continues with Almodvar: “What am I going to say? What I would like most would be to work with him. I adore him to the point that I dedicated one of my books to him. “Karla refuses to overlook a single second of what he’s experiencing proper now.” A moment ago she was sitting next to George Lucas. 'Return of the Jedi' It was one of the first movies I ever saw in my life. “I nonetheless bear in mind making lightsabers out of fluorescent tubes.”

And at this point, Karla schedules us for the immediate future. “We'll see what occurs. But I'm not ruling something out…” The Oscars? “Well sure, why not, the Oscars,” concludes. Be that as it may, there are many films that are worth seeing this year, but only one that you have to see out of necessity and so as not to be left out of all the after-dinner conversations that will come. Karla is Emilia Pérez or, as Bayona said when presenting the award, Long live Mexico… bastards!