Thousands of individuals give a “resounding response” to the Altri manufacturing facility mission in Lugo: “It is an attack on our way of life” | EUROtoday

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The firm mission Others to construct a textile fiber manufacturing facility in Palas de Rey (Lugo) This Sunday it acquired a “resounding response” with an illustration supported by hundreds of individuals. 20,000 protesters, in accordance with the group, toured this Galician municipality to “say loud and clear 'No'” to the plans of the Portuguese multinational.

The organizers enchantment to the excessive participation to insist that they’ve made a “demonstration of force” towards the mission, which foresees the manufacture of cellulose-based textile fibers. The spokesperson for the Ulloa Viva Platform, Marta Gontconsiders it the “second knock on the table” to specific opposition to Altri's plans, after the supply of 25,000 allegations.

According to its environmental examine, this manufacturing facility would rework 1.2 million cubic meters of eucalyptus wooden per yr and would wish about 20,000 cubic meters river water diaries Ulla. With these uncooked supplies, it will have a manufacturing capability of 400,000 tons of soluble cellulose-based fibers from eucalyptus wooden and 200,000 tons of lyocel textile fiber.

The protesters proclaimed the slogan 'From Ulloa ata a ra, water and air are life! Altri Non!' and so they contemplate it “a direct attack on our way of living and our environment.” Marta Gont insisted that they reject this mission “because it goes against everything we want” and criticized that it consists of “privatizing everyone's resources and assets so that four can profit and become even richer.”

The Ulloa Viva Platform desires to know “which side the political parties are on,” because it believes that “political decisions” have gotten them into this drawback. On the aspect of the protesters, the BNG, Sumar Galicia, Anova, Podemos and Partido Galego, current on the demonstration. The nationalists had the principle illustration, with a delegation headed by their nationwide spokesperson, Ana Ponton and the candidate for the European Parliament, Ana Mirandahowever the Galician leaders of Sumar and Podemos have been additionally current, Martha Lois e Isabel Faraldo. The PSOE didn’t have its autonomous representatives, however it did, individually, have some mayors and municipal political officers within the space.

This mission is scheduled to star within the Plenary Session of the Autonomous Parliament, which can happen on Tuesday the twenty eighth and Wednesday the twenty ninth, and has been marking the political information in Galicia for weeks, with opposing positions. Last week, it additionally took over the Congressional Industry Commission, through which the PP introduced a Non-Law Proposal to advertise the mission and assure the viability of the funding.

The huge attendance was because of the presence of residents of the world, but in addition from different elements of Galicia, with greater than 40 buses coming from decrease Ulla and municipalities within the Arousa estuary. Palas walked between the economic property and the middle of the city and, already in Praza da Feira, two neighbors, Maika Sanchez (Agolada) and Mnica Cea (Palas de Rei) have acknowledged that the residents “have won” with this demonstration of power.

“We depend on the land, the water and the air. These, and not the excessive greed of a few, are the pillars of our life,” they proclaimed, defending citizen opposition to the mission “despite all the power and money of the promoters” and the chance that the world has to “be able to develop a sustainable economy, where we work with the territory to protect it.”